Our Itty-Bitty Little Lives

It has been nearly a month since the last blog. For the most part Tara is doing well. The chemo regimen is growing old, which means that her numbers are good enough to get the treatment lately. We have had hope that August will be the end of it. Some doubt was cast about that at our appointment this week. Now we will find that out for sure in a few weeks when they do one more scan.

This summer went quicker than any we have had yet. The kids have all had a great and impactful 3 minths. Sports started for all of them (2 swimming, 2 cross country, and 1 football). School and church activities will be in full swing after Labor Day.

It is humbling to realize time doesn’t stop for anything. I don’t know if that makes me feel good or bad. I guess we aren’t the center of the universe after all. Sometimes I live like I am so this is a great reminder.  Speaking of the universe (or at least our solar system)  the solar eclipse is coming on Monday.  My family and friends in Kansas City will get a total eclipse. Here in MN we’ll get about 90% eclipse . Like every natural phenomenon I witness, I am reminded that God is big. This one reminds me he is really big. He is not only the center of the universe, he holds the universe. Yet we have witnessed his grace, love, and compassion here in our itty-bitty little lives.


4 thoughts on “Our Itty-Bitty Little Lives

  1. Thank ypu for sharing your updates. Tara we continue to pray for you. I look forward to seeing you drop Lewis off in the mornings at Pinewood. We are so glad you all are part of our little school.

  2. So glad to see this update in my email this morning and to hear that Tara is doing well. It does seem that whatever is going on in our lives, the days and seasons pass quickly. Prayers and good wishes continue for your busy family.

  3. Jay I continue to pray for you guys, It sounds @ least that things are moving in the right direction. Our prayers will continue. Blessing Uncle Sevie.

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