Updated April 21, 2017

Currently transportation needs are teaken care of with the

help from visiting family and nearby friends. However, this need

will change, so please stop back and check on the transportation needs

periodically for any updates.

Thank you for your spirit of giving for the Maier family!


3 thoughts on “Transportation

  1. Call or text (507-269-9675) if anything comes up last minute over the next few weeks. Work is slow this time of year, so I am usually available. And I have a minivan, so can haul up to six kids. Dean

  2. Ditto here guys….Our number is 507-281-6384 and we too have a van that can haul the crew wherever you may need. Work for me is slow as well so available especially if you need anything during the day.

  3. Week days are hard for me, as I work full time. However, weekends are always good, especially Saturdays. I’m up early, as I have to take Kelly to work by 8 am. I have a mini van also and can haul six people. I even have 3 booster seats behind my back seat. My cell is 507-269-1028.

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