Prayers & Praise


Please pray that Tara get’s rest and that her body is nourished. Know that your words of encouragement through our blog are part of what sustains us. We read them regularly. Don’t forget to make use laugh too. We need that in our home.

51 thoughts on “Prayers & Praise

  1. Our prayers & thoughts are with you all Maier Family. This journey starts yet again – and the road is bumpy , kind of like taking that walk in the woods. I know that your faith is soooo strong and your family is close. Our hearts have yet again had a strain pulling on our heart strings, my niece — walking the path on your own terms with the Lord right there carting you sometimes….. sometimes just listening to your words in silence we know that God’s plan is in place. We are but a speck on this earth …. yet we touch so many lives along our journey of life.

    You young lady are admired for your strength in your belief, your pure spirit, your wonderful ways. Your children Tara & Jay are a direct reflection of their being raised as Christians and are all plenty special, smart, spiritual young people. I loved talking with them and listening to them. They have quite a way of captivating you.

    Someone sent me the cutest little video — 2 young girls age 4-5 years old. As their conversation started they wanted to know what each other really wanted when they grew up. first young lady expresses her desire to have a big butt. The 2nd young lady expressed that she wanted big boobies —- I wonder what they were exposed to. Maybe a little too much TV…. or ??? Anyways — I laughed because if I could make a wish that wish would be ” cure Cancer ” .

    As spring is all around us and the earth spews forth new beginnings — that is what I wish for you Tara. I love this time of year , makes me think about renewed life. The flowers are all working on their buds in preparation to show off their beauty. We get to look at our labor of love, digging in the dirt, weeding, catching a picture or two. But most of all knowing that their is life ever after. Our roots are deep, they go on and on.

    My last check-up at Rochester was still as it was for the last 3 years. So guess I am not a finished project yet. I am smiling …. and of course seeing you as a wee one then growing up. Those pictures that Tim put on Facebook were cuter than cute. I loved the years as you grew up. You changed into such a lovely woman. Jay — you got a real catch , winning her heart, marrying her, having 5 children, growing together in your faith……. but most of all walking Life’s Path ; holding each others hands, looking into each others eyes and not needing to always talk – just knowing each others thoughts.

    I LOVE YOU ALL…………

    Aunt Dee Dee

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