Appreciating Home

Tara felt fresh air today for the first time since last Thursday morning. The sunlight on her face was nearly heavenly. The second chest tube was pulled around noon and discharge instructions were given soon after. By 3:30 we were home and walked up the stairs to our kitchen, then into our bedroom. The familiar sights and smells overwhelmed us. Familiar is all so sweet and appreciated right now. Our bed, favorite chair, the dog, even our own toilet. We are so thankful to God for what we have.

This is a day that we will remember. But not as much as if the kids were here. Unfortunately, Andrean came down with Strep and with Tara’s weak immune system we had to evacuate the house. We are now on antibiotics just to be safe, and the kids are staying with my parents in a vacant condo loaned to us by a friend. Tomorrow morning we get “normal” back. The kids will be reunited with us and we will be enjoying the remainder of the long weekend alone as a family. I can’t wait.

Tara is still weak and tires easily. It is critical that she stay hydrated and well nourished during the next 18 weeks of chemotherapy. She will be going in weekly for treatment and within 6 weeks we will know if the drugs are doing their job. We have to change the way we live. Tara has 5 more weeks of lifting restrictions and will begin rebuilding strength after that. Andrean’s sickness was a great reminder of the care we will need to take to keep ourselves healthy for Tara’s sake.

God proved to us his faithfulness again today. His love endures forever.


12 thoughts on “Appreciating Home

  1. Angie and I are so thankful that you are home. There is nothing sweeter than home. Thanks for your daily updates. We are continuing to pray for you.

  2. So thankful to know that you will all be together again today! It is also a good “heads-up” to all of us to stay away if we are not totally healthy! You continue to be in our prayers.

  3. I am so glad to hear that you are home. Father, I pray a hedge of protection around Tara and her family. Keep them healthy and safe from the power of the enemy. Give Tara the ability to stay hydrated and nourished. Give Jay the strength to minister to Tara and their children. Bless the household with good health and kindness toward one another. We ask that as we wait for news, that Tara’s health would grow and bubble up like a spring of clear water. We ask as spring draws near, that new, regenerated life would burst forth in Tara’s body. Give them grace Lord for the days ahead. Show your mercy in your healing powers. We love you Lord. We love Tara, Jay and the children. Overwhelm them with your love and peace during this time. Thank you for their return home and for the reunion with their children today. We pray in Jesus’ wonderful healing name – Amen!

  4. As in the days before, I’ve opened up to read your blog hoping and praying to be able to offer words of encouragement to you and have found myself being the one who is encouraged! I am so thankful that you are now resting in the comfort of home! Hospitals are great for their intended use but as you well know, lack in comfort!! They do try really hard tho!! 🙂
    I’ve thought of times when I had stays in the hospital, either for me or a loved one and how I prayed those times that God would be witnessed in our lives when staff entered the room or others that were there for loved ones. A family came to see me during my last hospitalization that blessed me so much and I have hoped that you would be blessed by such a family. They came in one by one, the kids in that family a bit timid not knowing the situation, mom leading them all in, dad carrying a guitar, all with a mission on their minds and evident on their faces…to make me smile and bless my heart! Mark and Mary Claire, Hannah, Seth and Morgan had come for a singing visit! I could hardly contain my emotions (but then my husband says I cry at Wal-Mart openings!) it was beautiful to see them all and to hear live singing voices that I had not heard in over a week! And I know that God’s presence was witnessed by those that walked by, that heard and by those in the room with me! I wasn’t the only one in the room with tears! 😉 I’ve hoped and prayed for someone to bless you that way…
    Our prayers continue for you…for your children to stay healthy. I can’t help but remember these words to a song I’ve already posted on your blog…You give me hope, You give me peace, I know for sure, I can trust in You!! We are trusting Him on your behalf! Much love to you all!
    Cheri Powell

  5. Tara and family,

    I am a friend of a friend of your sister-in-law, and I am praying for you! Two years ago, I battled a rare cancer called angiosarcoma. I know the struggles that come with a scary diagnosis and difficult treatment, especially with young children. And I know the faithfulness of our Lord to be true to each and every one of His promises, even in the darkest days. He has healed me and left me changed, and I am thankful.

    I am praying for complete healing, changed lives and for God to continue to be glorified in your trial. Thank you for being honest and yet praising Him in the midst of this storm.

    Psalm 112:7-8: He is not afraid of bad news; his heart is firm, trusting in the Lord. His heart is steady; he will not be afraid, until he looks in triumph on his adversaries.

    Romans 15:13: May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may about in hope.

    Isaiah 43:2: When you pass through the waters, I will be with you, and through the rivers, they will not overwhelm you. When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned, and the flames will not consume you.

    Love and prayers,
    Marissa Henley
    Fayetteville, Arkansas

  6. We are praying for you Tara. Your blog is inspired , Jay, for such a time as this. We serve an awesome God and His strength is sufficient.!!

  7. What wonderful news. What blessings. I remember that I went to stay with Jennifer, Othelmo and Miguel, after surgery. Precious memories…Watched a lot of Wallace and Grommet (o:

  8. Dear Tara and family,

    I have checked this page daily ever since we first received word from Shane and Kara on February 2nd. You have been on our minds and in our prayers. May you continue to find your strength and peace in our great God. And when you grow weary may you rest deeply knowing that the Spirit Himself intercedes on our behalf with groanings too deep for words. (Rom. 8:26) Praying for a sweet reunion with your kids tomorrow.

  9. So happy you’re home! Praying for health for all of you and rest tonight as you anticipate seeing your babies. I can’t even begin to imagine the emotions that tomorrow will bring–love, gratitude and I’d imagine some uncertainty and fear. Know God is holding you all in the palms of His more than capable hands!

    This song came on my iPod today and made me think of you guys. It’s “Desert Song” by Hillsong, a favorite of mine.

    This is my prayer in the desert
    When all that’s within me feels dry
    This is my prayer in my hunger and need
    My God is a God who provides

    And this is my prayer in the fire
    In weakness or trial or pain
    There is a faith proved
    Of more worth than gold
    So refine me Lord through the flames

    And I will bring praise
    I will bring praise
    No weapon formed against me shall remain

    I will rejoice
    I will declare
    God is my victory and He is here

    And this is my prayer in the battle
    When triumph is still on it’s way
    I am a conqueror and co-heir with Christ
    So firm on His promise I’ll stand

    All of my life
    In every season
    You are still God
    I have a reason to sing
    I have a reason to worship

    This is my prayer in the harvest
    When favor and providence flow
    I know I’m filled to be emptied again
    The seed I’ve recieved I will sow

    Praying for you all to reach the harvest.

    Much love,

  10. Being home and in familiar surroundings will be an intrinsic part of the healing process. It’s a big step in the recovery process. Glad you could be home for a day or so just the two of you as Tara transitions back into her rich and blessed life.

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