Day 35

Okay, back home after a little hick up at the hospital. Fluid was drawn from 2 pockets in her abdomen. The general opinion was positive. One pocket was just fluid; maybe some post-operative drainage. The other was lymph drainage and other fluid likely from the cancer. This fluid had stopped after the first treatment with the Platinum and Taxol. So they are skipping the Taxol only treatment that was supposed to happen yesterday and they’ll hit her with the double dose tomorrow. This is actually good……I think. One thing we KNOW was good was that in the CT scan, the lung area was clear; free of any visible tumors.

Andrean came in to cuddle with Tara when she got home. It was a sweet time with mommy and the self-proclaimed “middlest” child. I was a fly on the other side of the bed. Andy told Tara, “Mom, I wish you had energy to come outside and play with me.” I knew that hurt Tara, and it was confirmed later in the evening when we had time to talk. Tara has another goal. It is beautiful for me to see the kids loving on Tara, each in their own way. The excitement in their voices said it all when she got home.

We were covered with prayers and encouragement today. Friendships are for a time such as this. Emails, comments on the blog, phone calls, texts, visits, lunch with friend. All in a time where we needed to be picked up.

So now it is time for sleep. Wait, just a few more cuddles from the oldest girls. Maybe a back rub? Got it.


7 thoughts on “Day 35

  1. Thank you for being so faithful in keeping us updated. I had tears in my eyes when I read the hopeful news. Continuing to pray.

  2. Oh, how I love you ALL so much!!! Micalyn, Esther, Andrean, Jenna, and Lewis, I am so proud of you and so proud to be your aunt. God is asking quite a lot of your right now, but you are representing Him well and you are being such an example for so many people. Keep loving on your mom and dad… keep those cuddles coming! And know that we are down here in Arkansas sending hugs and kisses your way!!!

  3. Tara, Jay and Family,
    We continue to follow along with your journey of faith through your battle with cancer. We are encouraged by your dependence on God. You testimony is having an impact on all who journey with you. May God continue to be your ever present source of help and strength…and be your source of comfort and hope. We pray for you daily. Love, Mark & Brenda Schibilla

  4. Glad to hear the news was very encouraging! Tara is on our Church prayer chain as well as our own daughter, Amy (Woods) Miller who was diagnosed Tuesday with Breast Cancer. Her journey is just beginning. We continue prayers for all, Tara, you and your family, Della and Frank and family, and my dear Amy, Kurt, and our girls. Love to you all and please hug Tara from us. Uncle Ron and Aunt Connee

    Date: Thu, 7 Mar 2013 03:02:55 +0000 To:

  5. I know this is really, really, really hard. This is just hard stuff. Nothing fun about doctors, unknowingness, a body not doing what it’s supposed to, feeling clueless, and completely out of control! I hurt with you, and the frustration, the sadness, the grief, the anger, the mourning. I hope the love, the joy, the merciful compassion that is surrounding you is continuing to be felt by you through all of this, despite all of this
    …..I am thinking of you and hoping you continue to be surrounded by a warm peace that passes all understanding! Love, Dee Ann

  6. Good news is like honey – always sweet. I was glad to hear that Tara is gaining ground in her fight against the cancer. By the way, backrubs are always good for what ails a person. God bless you all.

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