Not Miserable, Just Spent

I have a group of guys who I work out with. One guy we call the pain master because he is the one who creates the workout regimen, and it always hurts. By the end my muscles have failed and it is difficult to do the most simple of tasks, like bend over to pick something up or even scratch my nose.

The week’s toll has been taken on my mind and body. I’m not miserable, just spent. Like the workout, it is all good stuff, but the repetitions have caused failure. Now the simple things seem so hard. Getting up from sitting down. Cleaning up the kitchen (which Esther started and inspired me to keep going). Taking the dog out. Brushing my teeth.

And then I look at my wife. The simple things for her have been physically hard or even impossible for a while. Today she drove for the first time in over 2 months. She ran some errands, bringing donuts home for breakfast. Cleaned the bedroom. Fixed lunch for the kids. It felt good for her to be able to do these things. All are things that would be easy, normally. Even though the weight is light, the repetitions have caused failure for her too. Now she lays here physically and emotionally exhausted. She is not miserable, just spent.

God has sustained us again today. It was his word that gave us hope earlier when we were at the breaking point.


6 thoughts on “Not Miserable, Just Spent

  1. Praying for you all daily and am so glad to know that the shingles are retreating and that you are driving Tara! This is really awesome to know and we are excited for you! Anything that brings on a sense of normalcy is always good, and you realize how much energy daily life really does take! I heard something the other day that really caught my mind. “What if the only things we had today were the things we were thankful for yesterday?” It’s convicting for me to realize that I’m not always thinking “thankful” especially when tired. I’m so glad that The Lord does give us a chance to turn our hearts around and once again realize we aren’t “perfect” but only He is. It’s been beautiful to be able to watch you all give each day into The Lord’s hands and look for the positive spiritual and now physical things that are coming out of this. You are in my mind daily and I pray The Lord will bring the opportunity to get together. Right now Ana’s sick after her DC trip (quite sick!!) and so we’ll be waiting! Duke is so cute! I’ll send you pics if you want! Even Duke is a little irritated that I’m sitting next to him on my phone. He woke Lucy (yorkie) up, climbed into her kennel to wrestle a moment!

  2. Wow! We are thrilled to see that you are driving and doing other ” Mommy things” Tara. PTL!! What a strong woman you are physically and spiritually! Many prayers are being answered. Prayers continue from Clear Lake. Aunt Cathy & Uncle Mike

  3. Dear Tara, Jay and family, Thank you so much for sharing your journey. I continue to be encouraged, inspired and deeply touched. I pray often for all of you. Praising God for Tara’s accomplishments. Keep running Tara! God is at work! Be still and know that He is Lord. Love and blessings, Jean Parsley

    Date: Sat, 6 Apr 2013 04:39:40 +0000 To:

  4. Oh my goodness…..all this in just 8 weeks! Tara is a marvel! Honestly guys, I’m sitting here reading what Tara achieved (yes, I was impressed with you too, Jay but I was “really” impressed with Tara’s achievements), and I’m thinking, “a God thing” and I’m also thinking that her impeccable physical condition before she entered this journey is holding her in good stead. 8 weeks!!!! And then I thought, “is it really only 8 weeks”…… You go girl! Tara, you can do this! Blessings to you all……your journey is not only heart rendering but also truly inspiring.

  5. Dear Maiers- Our family thinks of you, talks of you or prays for you daily. Our heart is constantly tender (with a dull ache) toward your life situation even though we live in another town from you. We are affected and we have grown in the Lord because of your sharing of your life. Not to put you on a pedestal- but, you are not average. We are learning from you. Each of you are called. He is with you and will be faithful each day and to the end. Your family is soaring for Him through this. When we see you or hear from you, we see CHRIST. Keep shining beautiful family! Sydney has enjoyed texting Micalyn and keeping up with her life. She gets the long days of homework, track and church. Lauren misses Esther so much! So proud of you girls (Andrian and Jenna too) for being the 2nd mothers in the family. Lewis- you are the strong brother and you bless your family more than you know.

    Big hugs with love to each of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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