The Interception of Course

We took a shortcut after getting to the lake. Most people didn’t see us slip out of the group, partly because we were behind them and partly because they were involved in their own conversations. We walked hand in hand through the park admiring the banks of the lake and the waterfowl. But mostly I was admiring her. The sun was warm and the wind cool. And time stood still. It was like a thousand times before in other places. We love walking together. We loved it since before we were married; walking the shores of lake Valentine dreaming of life together. We would have never dreamed of this.

I looked over to see Tara crying, watching the group of purple-shirted runners continue without us. “I want so bad to be able to run with my friends.” These were new kinds of tears; from brokenness. We had fought other tears all morning because of that feeling you get when people show their love and support for you. What do you call that emotion? When someone pours out generosity. Or they weep for you. Or when you get a card from someone you had no idea knew or cared about your situation. It isn’t sadness, and it isn’t really joy. It is gratefulness but there is a lot more. I don’t know, but it always makes me want to cry.

Anyway, our walk continued to a place that intercepted the race course. We waited by the path and looked forward to returning the show of support. But we weren’t expecting what we would happen next. It was the end of mile 6 for the 10K and near the end of mile 3 for the 5K. Runners were exhausted and breathing heavy. As the Team Tara runners noticed Tara, we watched some faces go from “I want to quit” to “I’ll never quit”. They dug in to the final leg of the race as if inspired. We heard many people say, “We are doing this for you.” or “This one is for you.”

People love that woman of mine. She hates attention usually, but today she received it well. People who know Tara well, know she is a giver not a taker in life. She sacrifices for her family and others. Tara is surprised that people would support her like this, but I am not.

So we will remember that place always, the place that intercepted the race course. Where we stood and wanted to encourage, but instead were encouraged ourselves. We have stood here before, where faith intercepts life’s race course.







7 thoughts on “The Interception of Course

  1. I wasn’t able to run but I was able to pray for you and all of the awesome supporters they were able to be out there for you!!! God provided a perfect day for it too!!

  2. It was so nice to see you today, Tara. Such a blessing on such a beautiful day. You could feel the love and support for you and your family in the crowd. =)

  3. Tara and Jay!
    It was a blessed day! Sun shining, warm temps like we have not experienced in 6 months, all the kids frolicking about, and many of your loved ones,friends and many supporters out there because we love you, and we want you to know it. And of course we were all blessed in the process.

    I wish you were able to be out there today setting the pace on the course. But you do set the pace for abiding, trusting and submitting to Him. April and Dianna were blessed to get to talk to you today! All the Blais’ love you and are praying for you!!!

  4. If you figure out what to call that emotion let us know. I’m sure it’s from our creator, from deep inside the soul. It’s that people don’t have to be so amazing, pouring out of their hearts, but there they are. That’s how I feel about Jesus. He doesn’t have to love us like that but He does. (Makes me cry every time too-call it what you will). That’s where our fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ is how He reveals himself to us in commanding us to love one another. What an amazing day – thank you for sharing a glimpse.

  5. Dear Ones, We were so sad to not be able to be there in person to cheer you on and all those running for you. Just know we continue to cheer you and yours on as you continue this race that has been set before you. We love you guys and continue to pray for you all. Sending love and hugs your way. Aunt Barb and Uncle Gary

  6. I was there yesterday and floored by all the Team Tara shirts! Great to see you both and I definitely thought about you as I was slowly trucking along. So happy it was a beautiful day so you could comfortably come out and enjoy it. So many folks praying and cheering you on!

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