8 Year Old’s Perspective

A few days ago I made a clay creature for my mom. I used clay, shaped it all up, then our art teacher put it in the kiln and fired it, and made it hard as a rock. And then today we painted them. My favorite class is art.

Have you ever had such bad news that you don’t believe it? Well, I remember that moment. I was like, “Are you serious?” I can’t believe my mom has cancer. I didn’t even really know what cancer was until now. I won’t ever forget that moment. Dad says I am more emotional now. It makes me cry when he says that. I don’t know why I cry more….but maybe it is because everyone else does too.

My dad says we are like the clay creatures that I made. God is shaping me into like a stronger person. The cancer is like the fire that is making me hard, or solid. Maybe that is why I cry, because the fire hurts.

Every week we have people who love us help us clean the house because mom can’t clean as much as she used to. They do laundry as well. I am so thankful. I read the Bible more now. This has helped me because I feel like God is talking to me more. The thing that I like the most is that my dad is home earlier than normal:-)

I am the youngest girl in the family and this is my perspective.


9 thoughts on “8 Year Old’s Perspective

  1. Thank you so much for your perspective. I think you are such a sweet girl and I know God will make you stronger through this hard time. Ana’s grandma

  2. The ‘nice’ thing about God’s ‘fire’ is that it toughen/ harden your character but not your heart. You are now tougher to deal with life’s blow, yet more sensitive to others’ need. Maybe that’s why now you feel stronger and also more emotional…
    Our God is an awesome God!

    PS: Emotional doesn’t mean weak or drama; you can be strong & emotional.

  3. I am so glad to know you and your sweetness! Your emotions are healthy and a sign of your amazing strength. You are already a beautiful piece of art 🙂
    We love you, Forsthoffers

  4. I love your words, precious girl!! Your smile is so geniune and bright and your eyes shine with the love of Jesus every time I see you. Praying for you all!

  5. Your view on this is perfect. It was a blessing for me today to read your words. The Lord loves you dearly and He will walk you through this every day. Thank you again for sharing.

    Mary Scales

  6. Jenna,
    What a wonderful way to think about how you are feeling and what God is doing in your life. Your dad is right: we are a lot like clay, and God is making us into what He wants us to be. But it hurts sometimes, doesn’t it?? And it also takes time. Morgan and I went to a pottery place the other day. She painted this little spotted frog with a big open mouth. It’s supposed to hold stuff in it. When she started painting with the bright colors she had chosen, she was a little disappointed. The colors seemed really dull – not at all what she had pictured. The person helping us told us not to worry – that the colors don’t turn bright and beautiful until they have been in the kiln for awhile. I guess the heat over time will make it the bright and shiny frog she wants it to be. So she trusted the one who knew and decided to enjoy painting it anyway – even though she was a little disappointed. Today we get to go to the store to pick it up. She is SO excited to see how it turns out. Just like your pottery and Morgan’s pottery, we can trust the One (God) who knows what is best and wait for Him to make us bright, shiny, and beautiful – in His time. And what’s so awesome is that we will be beautiful on the INSIDE – the best kind of beauty… and everyone will say, “Who was the potter? What a beautiful piece of work!” And we can say “God was the creator!” It will be hot and it will hurt a little, but the end result is worth it all. I love you, Jenna, and I am SOOO proud of you!!!

    Just wait till you see it! This is Morgan typing. I love you!

  7. My sweet Jenna, thank you for your perspective. You are an amazing young lady. I love that you like art, I always love getting your art or crafts you make me. Showing emotions or crying is alright, it shows that you care about something. I like the following lyrics from a Jars of Clay song. Love and miss you my sweet girl!

    Cry Sister, if you wake up in the night
    Walls are falling, letting in the light
    It’ll be alright
    Baby, even angels cry

    Baby, please don’t worry
    Not tonight

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