The Little Man Speaks

I am happy about all the good news I hear about my mom. I love my mom soooo much. Life has changed a little bit because mom doesn’t do all the stuff she used to do. Instead of her cuddling in my bed at night, I cuddle with her in her bed. Now she watches movies on the iPad with me in her room. That is fun. – Lewis, Age 5

When we found out we were pregnant with Lewis, we knew God had a plan, because we evidently didn’t. In talking with the doctors recently, they said it was likely 4 or 5 years ago that the cancer started inside Tara. That means that with God’s foreknowledge of our cancer, he thought it best to sneak in one more encourager who would help us in this part of our journey.

We are crazy about each of our children in different ways. Lewis is the best encourager. He has a special way to Tara’s heart. He has been the one to rub her bald head and say, “Mom, I am praying for you.” He rubs her feet when she is not feeling well. He fills our home with songs of praise to God, and it is quite loud I might add. He is the one who most often asks to pray at the dinner table or at night, and he is thoughtful to bring Tara up in those prayers every time.

In about two weeks, Lewis will turn 6. His kindergarten year is almost over. Time is flying. This time of Tara’s sickness could be most memorable to him because he will have only faint memories of Tara before cancer. This will certainly impact his life. It already has. And a big prayer of ours is being answered right in front of our very eyes; this is a pivotal point in his faith.

Tara is feeling MUCH better today. But feeling good or not, God is faithful to give us joy in this season of our life.


6 thoughts on “The Little Man Speaks

  1. What a great reminder that God DOES have a PEFECT plan for our lives. I know many times we have other plans in my mind, but God had a different one. We all need this reminder that we must TRUST + OBEY because HE has a perfect plan for each of us. Keeping on Keeping on our knees. All our love, Uncle Gary + Aunt Barb.

  2. Lewis! I read this the other day but wasn’t at a place where I could write a message to you! Now I’m just sitting here on my couch getting cuddles from MY son and thought this would be a good time to write to you! You and Seth are a lot alike. You both like to cuddle, you both have such loving, encouraging words to tell your Mommies, you love to be a leader in praying, and, of course, you both LOVE to WRESTLE!!! (And you can both pretty much beat up your dads, I might add… well… almost….) Your dads are doing such a good job teaching you how to be men. And I’m so glad you have each other as cousins to encourage each other – just like your dads have each other to encourage each other (and have fun together, and eat together, and go to movies together, and go on special trips together… πŸ™‚ You are only 5 (almost 6, I know!) but God is teaching you so much! He loves you SOOO much and has blessed you with such an awesome family and an especially awesome mom! Keep cuddling with your mom, watching movies with her, and telling her how much you love her. Especially tell her tomorrow: it’s Mother’s Day! (shhhhhh!!! Surprise her with a few extra cuddles tomorrow!!!) πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰
    Love, Aunt Mary Claire

  3. My man Lewis, dude what can I say but you are truly another great blessing from God. You are growing up so fast. I am so proud of you, you are a very strong young man and would be proud to have you in my corner when needing to fight, but you also have such a beautiful soft and gentle spirit. You know when to be tough and you know when to be kind and gentle to those who need you. Your Mom & Dad have taught you well and you have learned so well. We all are so proud of you. I am counting on you to give mommy hugs and kisses for me when I can’t be there. Keep up the great work of taking care of her. Love Uncle Tim

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