This long weekend was great. Tara is feeling better. Gaining energy. Tomorrow we have an early appointment to get the drain tube out, hopefully. They are reluctant to pull it too soon, not wanting to put another in if it becomes needed again in time. But they think it has served its purpose and can come out, thank God.

This week we’ll get back into the swing of chemotherapy. Friday, I think. We have missed 2 weeks focusing on the fluid infection. We don’t know what that delay will do to the cancer numbers. It will be interesting to find out.

So we begin a new week. We pray for strength for ourselves but we also look around. We have a friend who is trying to finding a job and whose family has health issues. We have other friends whose child is being treated for cancer. Also a relative, another young mom, who is being treated for breast cancer. Friends have struggled with infertility. Others with children who are making bad decisions. We look around and see that we are not struggling alone. Of course, many people are.

This blog has brought attention to our struggle. It is no more moving than anyone else’s story. But the purpose of this blog goes back to Psalm 40:3 “Many will see and fear the Lord and will put their trust in Him.” It is about making God famous for the things he is doing in our life, just like he is doing in the lives of our friends and others who are struggling. It’s not about him “fixing” us, which he may or may not do. Rather it is about the journey and finding joy and purpose in the midst of it.


3 thoughts on “Struggles

  1. Yes, life is about the Journey — and the Joy and Purpose in it! Thanks for reminding us. Love, Lela Lofgren

  2. I am constantly praying for aunt Tara. She is going through a hard time and please tell her that she is in my prayers. I love you guys soooooooo much!!!! Love, Hannah

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