13 Years Ago

It was 13 years ago in May that Tara and I moved to the Rochester area. We moved up here to start our business, based on a market study. We liked it; both as a place to start our business and to raise our family.

Three months earlier we had our first child. And before that both Tara and I were working. So she quit her job and I quit mine and we moved up here. We told the banker we wanted to buy a house. Naturally he asked about our income and I told him we had just quit our jobs and we are starting a business, and “Oh yeah, can I borrow money for that too?” A strong business plan and bank willing to take a risk made it possible to get our start.

Looking back, we see a deeper purpose in it all, how God orchestrated everything. He brought us to a place where Tara could have great care.

Tara has continued to feel better this week. She even mowed the lawn and bought groceries; both times saying she might have overdone it. Really? Tomorrow is an important appointment with the Oncologist. We haven’t done chemo for a few weeks now (due to the infection) and we will get to see what her numbers look like. Hopefully the cancer numbers stayed low and the nutrition numbers got better. We’ll find out.

I can’t wait to see what the next adventure will be for us. I am REALLY getting the itch. Who knows what it will be? But first things first. Lets get Tara healthy. Then we can give something else a try. But it is Tara’s turn to choose this time.


2 thoughts on “13 Years Ago

  1. I love seeing those little glimpses of God’s provisions and the way in which He works all things for his good….and even for our good. I praise God for bringing your family to Rochester. 🙂

    I’ll be praying today for the improved numbers, wisdom for the oncologist, strength for you and Tara!

  2. Jay we are reading your blog each day. You are blessing so many. Our Lord has allowed all through his fingers of love. We are praying. For your family. You are loved. uncle Wayne and aunt Sandy

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