A Great Date

Tonight we had a date. A quiet meal overlooking the river. Clever flavors on plates we shared. The evening could not have been nicer. When we are out, people stare at Tara. I caught them tonight. Prolonged glances, mostly at her head, some at her stomach which is noticeable now. I catch them staring, then they lock eyes with me as if to say, “I’m sorry man.” I don’t let them off the hook. I keep a firm stare and offer a kind and confident nod with a “Hello.”

The date continued when we got home. We made each other feel special. Even now she is helping me put these thoughts together.

The goodness of God continues to overwhelm us. Today a friend encouraged me. This man and his family have a story like ours. He shared words from the other side. I can see how God was faithful to them and I can start to put more pieces together on how He could possibly help us through the next phase of our battle. It is good to hear how others made it, regardless of the outcome. It gives me hope.

In the beginning of our cancer journey, Psalm 40:1-3 was significant. I often focused on the latter part of the passage, skipping the first words. These are now becoming more significant. “I waited patiently for the Lord……”. This journey is far from over. All I can do is wait. I have very little control over any of it.

So we’ll just keep going on dates and making each other feel special; like we did tonight.


3 thoughts on “A Great Date

  1. Greetings:
    What joy your heartfelt thoughts and actions brought to our heart. Only God could give these words of wisdom through you. Our faith is strengthened by your trusting and living out HIS word. God’s blessings to you all. Keep on keeping on your knees. With all our love, Uncle Gary and Aunt Barb

  2. So thankful that you and Tara could enjoy some special time together. Our prayers continue, as you weather this storm. Your family is a shining light of witness to the Lord’s faithfulness! Keep making the special moments! Blessings!

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