The hardest part of growing up was endurance. School was broken up into semesters and every 4 months, no matter how bad it was going, the semester was going to end and you could start over the next semester. And the peak of school was finals, after which you had summer break. Things were always resetting.

To set my expectations even higher, both of my parents were educators. They had about 2 weeks around Christmas and every summer off (which is why my siblings either had September or March birthdays). I just thought all parents had 8+ weeks off in the summer and 2 weeks for Christmas. It seemed like every year reset for them too, even though the reality is that it didn’t

Things don’t reset for most people I know. Every day life is intense and there is no completion date. It keeps accumulating. The troubles that arise won’t ever just reset to default settings. You have to deal with it; now or eventually. There are no finals or summer break. The best we have is a weekend. Maybe that is why they are so appreciated.

Today was chemo day for Tara. Blood work looked good. She also got fluid drained. Another 2.5 Liters. We often think how nice it would be to hit the reset button and go back to the default or factory settings, which doesn’t include cancer, of course.


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