Enjoy Now

Tara has been feeling much better each of these last few days. Food sits well. Her days have been productive and fun. This is the best stretch since before the surgery. She has chemo on Friday and that will end the second to the last round. Then 3 more weeks…hopefully… and she is DONE.

We are in a week full of family fun. My brother and his family from Arkansas are here now and my sister with her family from Kansas City will be here on Thursday, when my brother leaves. The kids are loving the cousins and Tara and I, time with family we love.

God is sustaining us in the new normal; in the midst of busy work, mundane chores, and beautiful family relationships. However we still keep looking forward to the next phase of life and hoping it will be better so we can change then. We have to be careful. We need to learn how to grab life now. To leave nothing unsaid. To have no regrets each day. Regardless of the pressures of life. That will take constant reminders.


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