Lord Give Me Words to Speak

Okay my first blog entry and its been 6 months. It’s due to a few factors:

1. I’m not a big computer user. I believe AJ had to tell me what a blog was.

2. I’ve been in survival mode until recently. Getting groceries for our family for the first time was a huge accomplishment. Thank you Kristie for loading them in my car, I’d forgotten how heavy they can get!

3. The center of attention is something I like to avoid at all costs. To share my weaknesses to a lot of people has been very humbling to say the least.

4. Last but not least I knew Jay would do a much better job communicating what needed to be said. Okay, I did have to edit his entry when we got the big snowfall:)

So forgive me as I attempt to say what is on my heart- Lord give me words to speak!

First, I have to say something about how my husband has painted me to be a saint through all of this-oh how I love this man more that words could say. I cannot wait to grow old with this man if its God’s will. He has been through more these last 6 months than any man should have to endure. Thank you for being the one to read God’s Word when I could not! Thank you for fasting & praying the whole day of surgery. If any of you know my husband you know not eating for more than 3 hours is one strong feat:) You are the only one I would want to lead this journey that we are on. May I follow strongly and encourage you along the way to have joy in each moment of every day. God has truly blessed us with joy even in these hard days:)

Since Jay & I were in survival mode it was crucial we had others come in to help. This was something very foreign to us and we resisted at first. I’m so glad they just did it anyway. We would not have been able to make it without all the meals, cleaning, people doing our laundry, friends taking me to appointments, neighbor pulling my weeds, neighbor bringing over ice cream treats, donuts, meals, or fresh produce from farmer’s market!

Amazing people offering rides for our kids to stay involved in sports & activities, wonderful friend bringing her daughter’s dresses so my daughters could have something for the eternal elegance activity at church. I’ve had wonderful encouragers who printed posters- still on my wall by the way! Others who write me letters weekly:) Our small group who cried with us, organized help, encouraged me on the Diva run, and have prayed for us daily!!! Our parents who had to step in and take care of our kids. I guess this was the easiest as we fully trust our kids to our amazing Godly parents. The legacy they were able to instill while they were in our home is truly precious! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

My girlfriends and family who have asked the hard questions, celebrated with me, and who have prayed daily even though their lives were full! I pray that God will bless each one of you as much as you have blessed us! Okay, I did not adequately express the tears that are flowing down my face right now because I have been blessed by each one of you! Thank you!


8 thoughts on “Lord Give Me Words to Speak

  1. It’s a joy and a privilege to read what is on your heart! You and Jay have encouraged us with your transparency through this incredibly difficult journey. I will continue to read this blog daily, pray for your complete recovery and that God’s will be done in all of your lives. Blessings to you from Overland Park, KS.

  2. And now the tears are flowing from my eyes because of how I have been blessed by the beautiful words God gave you to speak. Along with those tears come more prayers for continued healing, strength, comfort, and joy that comes from living in His Presence. Those prayers will not stop!

  3. Tara, I am in awe of you!! I am so happy to hear that you are done with chemo. and are in such great spirits. You are surrounded by love, it will sustain you. Thank you for the opportunity to spend some time with you and for your husband to open himself up for us to walk this with you. I am humbled.
    Take care and I’m cheering you on!!

  4. Tara, Your words ring so true and I see your humble and beautiful spirit through your gratefulness. I’m still praying for you and your family as you navigate the new roads of no chemo appointments and the wait and watch approach. Celebrate the normal routines and beauty in the family routine getting back to normal!

  5. You are an amazing family who are loved by many. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Your honesty is touching and you have blessed all who have read your blog. We are blessed to be a blessing. God is faithful, and He is sovereign. We praise Him for you! So happy you are done with the chemo. We will continue to lift you and your family in our prayers . Love, Pat and Jean

  6. Tara – thank you for posting. I’ve been praying as God brings you to mind (which is often) and will continue to pray for you in this midst of this waiting. I am encouraged and inspired from Jay’s updates to love my family well and enjoy the day He’s given me today. Blessing on you and your family. Melinda (Hass) McCormick

  7. Tara when I read these I cant thank god enough for allowing me to be part of your family life my heart is so full because of what you do for others even thru this trail. God is awesome and it is always easier to see afterwards than during are trails I read this wit tears in my eyes love you and your family

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