Even if it Hurts

He stood opposed to me with his sword in hand; eyes locked on mine with muscles twitching ready to respond to any movement I made. Any mistake would be costly. I struck high and my sword glanced off of his. Then I brought it down with force in an attempt to overpower him and potentially catch a shoulder or pectoral muscle. His right foot was swift and caught me off guard as it struck my inner thigh, nearly a deadly shot. I staggered but was still able to strike hard enough to cause him to drop his sword. He stood in shock, and fear overcame him as I stood tall with my sword still in hand. I had him.

The ensuing conversation spoke volumes to us both. “Son, you have a decision. Lose, or endure pain to win.” “Can you not get me, Dad?” “Son, I’m going to smoke you with this plastic light saber. You can choose to take the shot and cower, or take the shot as you come in to smoke me back.” “But what if I get hurt?” “You’re gonna get hurt either way.” Before I knew it he launched himself at me, with fists and knees. He risked the pain to win. And pain he got, right before he delivered some pain of his own……and won.

We often live our lives simply to avoid the uncomfortable; the pain. We miss out on the promised land because we don’t want the desert. We compromise our values because we don’t want to be outcast. We miss out on business opportunity because we don’t want to risk the money. We miss out on the joy of dependence because we don’t want to endure the suffering it takes to get there. This is just crazy to me. Is not life more than simply the avoidance of pain?

Many of the good things of our life have come in the midst of suffering. We would have never chosen it, but man am I glad it happens when it does. I wish we would choose that course more often. I hope we can teach our kids in the little lessons of life to endure pain if needed, and go for it even if it hurts.


4 thoughts on “Even if it Hurts

  1. Jay, I have followed your blog through this whole ordeal. It has spoke volumes to my heart on genuine faith, courage, humility, and surrender. I was thinking last night at work, that you and Tara should seriously consider publishing this blog! It would, no doubt, bless so many other people. It is written so incredibly, that I (and many others I have talked to) anxiously await each night to hear the kids, Tara’s and your faith journey come to life on the screen. Much like how kids wait for Adventures in Oddesy or adults for their favorite TV series to come each week.
    Just a thought……

  2. Excellent write up. Should I start sword fighting or light saber fighting with these guys? Would they get mad if I hurt them….or would I if they hurt me? I’ll have to talk about it with them! Ha! I wanted to post my favorite saying recently from a T shirt someone at the kick boxing gym had on “Pain is just weakness leaving the body” I love this….because our bodies ARE weak. And pain is a part of life. I thought of the verse recently that says he who has suffered in the body is done with sin. (I need to locate that verse…) the point for me us that you can’t go thru pain without inevitably being changed. You have all been changed for good. God is good. His ways are higher. Others are changed too, walking alongside you.

  3. The testimony of you and Jay over this past year has been an incredible encouragement and comfort to me. Thank you both for being willing to share your story publicly. God has been glorified and the saints have been strengthened by your testimony. Patti Blaser

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