Be Here Now

I was instructed to keep the tractor in low and keep the RPMs under 2000. It wasn’t my tractor so I complied. But it was a mile to the destination and at that pace, it took forever to get there.

If you know me you know I don’t typically go slow at anything.  The completion of the task is the goal and I strive to achieve it, whether it is business growth, a 10-hour drive to make, a room to paint, or anything else. 

I see the flip side daily with my wife. She is a person who likes the journey more than the destination.  She’s not in a hurry typically.  I am learning from her how to “be here now”.

How can I change?  It seems so hard after 46 years of being hard-wired this way. But I must.  Every moment I am looking ahead and pushing the accelerator to get there, I am missing what God is showing me here and now.  I am also missing the God-given joy of a family that I am crazy about. I mean I am heart-thumpin’, head-over-heels, pinch-myself-to-know-it’s-real crazy about these six people who I live with and I still miss the point.

God, thank you for your patience with me.   Help me to be here now.


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