We are into our final week at El Refugio in Calacali, Ecuador.  We completed our last work project today.  All that remains is 3 days of free time and reflection.  For the older kids that means trying to finish some school projects. For Tara, it means going up on the mountain for some quiet time, going into town to get pristinos (basically donuts) at Margarita’s, and creating more memories with the kids.  For me, it means an attempt of the summit at Cayambe.

Cayambe is the third largest mountain in Ecuador at just under 19,000.  My body may not be ready for this but my mind and my heart are.  I will be going with Esteban, a friend of El Refugio, who has been to the summit a number of times before.  We are catching a bus in Calacali tomorrow at 7:00 am, getting us to the general area, then hiring a truck to get us to the base camp, called ‘The Refuge’.  We will get acclimated for the afternoon, eat dinner, then crash at 5 pm.  At 10 pm we’ll begin our ascent.  If all goes well we will be at the top before sunrise.  I anticipate it being a very spiritual experience.

Our final 3 days will certainly prove to be a big part of the significance of this trip.  I pray God will continue to direct us, speak to us and show us what he wants for us in the coming years.  I am so thankful for this sabbatical.


One thought on “Sabbatical

  1. Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us. We have enjoyed reading and learning about your journey. May God guide you in your path just as you ask. You and your family will never forget this time. What I have learned from my own experiences is you must have patience and he will show you the way in time as long as you keep your eyes, and ears open. I am still learning that part and it is hard.

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