Going through this a second time now we recognize some commonalities with the first time. One is how much we end up comforting people when we talk to them about our situation. We recognize that for our family and friends this is hard for them too.  Tara is amazing how she ministers in this way. Her calm assuring demeanor and confidence in God’s sovereignty is comforting to those who struggle with our situation (Including me).

The commonality that surprises us the most is how much people want to help… still. I guess I figured the second time around more people would think differently for some reason. It is incredibly humbling to accept the help.

The reality is that we need help. My pride says “I can do it on my own”. But we can’t. We were made to be dependent on each other (“the body” described in 1 Corinthians 12:12-27) and on God (the whole Bible).

A dear friend told me today that I need to mention that this site has been updated (thanks to her efforts) with an area where those who want to help can. I am humbled to mention it. If you want, you can sign up to bring meals or help in other ways.
Tara’s chemotherapy starts Monday morning. Please pray for strength for her body to handle it well and for it to work.

Thanks for journeying with us.

Help with meals:

Help with yard work:

Help with Dog Walking:

Help with Transportation:

Help with Cleaning:


7 thoughts on “Commonalities

  1. Sweet Tiger Lilly I am praying hard for you as you Trust your Journey. Remember to never smile at a crocodile! Love ya..J

  2. Hello We are now back in Minnesota and so glad I still keep getting your news. Tara is now on Prayer Line at our Church – wishing we lived closer to help with anything. Will keep in touch with Tara’s parents to see how we can help from this distance. Keeping her in our thoughts and prayers. Marilyn and Duane Belseth

  3. Tara, Jay, and beautiful family, you are lifted up in prayer this morning and held firmly in the arms of Jesus. I pray the love of God sustains you today and His peace guards your hearts.

  4. Father God, be with Tara as she receives the dreaded chemo treatment. Thank you for the Dr’s and nurses who are coming to her aid and for the opportunities to receive care for cancer.I pray for her & hers the peace which transcends all understanding Lord. Give each of her family members your peace and come into their lives in ways that they can recognize you.Thank you for you Lord. Often the external stuff you provide is paramount in our minds.We know if all that were absent just you are enough. You are the great “I.AM”. The author of all things.In you we have hope and life. Amen

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