The Remainder

Weeks pass quickly, just like they always have, only quicker.  The pressing things get done and the remainder, well, those things get put to the side.  I have begun to examine “the remainder” in my life more closely.  I am finding that the remainder is full of things I say are most important to me: time with God, intentional spending (budgeting), caring for my body, investing in friends, and much more.

This past week Tara did not get her treatment due to her blood cell count being too low again.  As a result she has felt much better.  It’s amazing how bad those chemicals can make a person feel. We have mixed feelings every time a treatment is missed. We trust that this too is part of our faith development in the sufficiency of Christ. 

How can we know in advance what is best?  We can’t. The doctors can’t. We just wait for the results of blood work and then respond. But we believe a guy can know best if he says he will die and rise again, and then does it. And if I believe him for that, then I can believe other things he says too.  “I know everything about you and care for every little detail.” “I love you so much that if you believe in me I will give you eternal life”. “You are blessed and will inherit a fortune (eternal life) if you are broken (poor in spirit, mourners, persecuted) and seek comfort and repair from me.”

Tara is doing well. Her smile is contagious. She is teaching me how to make sure “the remainder” are only those things which don’t matter, whether seemingly pressing or not.


6 thoughts on “The Remainder

  1. Oh my sweet friend,
    Thank you for sharing this. Your family came to mind early this morning and my heart was sad. I’m praying for you all. I know the Lord is taking you through this one day at a time. He is faithful. Life is hard, filled with joy and pain. Praying you see Him providing joy in your pain today. Comfort, peace as you walk this road.
    Send my greetings to your precious bride. She is on my mind a lot and prayed for.

  2. I always appreciate your posts and look forward to the updates. Praying for you all in this challenging journey!

  3. Hello from Clear Lake. Love the updates so thank you very much . You all remain in our daily thoughts and prayers. Hopefully you make time to enjoy the beautiful summer weather which has arrived😎. PTL💕 Love Aunt Cathy and Uncle Mike

  4. Thanks Jay for the update. You guys are special. Tara is wise beyond her years, you are awesome witnesses.

  5. We continuously remember you all and pray for your family. Believing His promises for your family! We love you! Robert, Navina and all

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