In the summer after my eighth grade year a friend and I started survival camping. We didn’t call it that at the time as we were simply going on an adventure. With no training and limited warnings, we were dropped off by my father at the I-435 bridge over the Missouri River or on some train tracks out in Leavenworth and we would make it for the weekend using just a survival knife and canteen. I am eternally grateful to my dad for doing this although conventional wisdom would scream “DON’T DO THAT.”

I remember being short of water on every adventure. We typically had one canteen between us. We regularly went a day or two without any water at all. You cultured folks may remember the Three Amigos canteen scene? What a great picture of the desperation for water.

A human body needs about 3 liters of water daily to function well and can only go only a week or so without any at all. Things like sweating, peeing, diarrhea and vomiting all are sources of water loss and will contribute to dehydration. I love using those words now that I am a caregiver to Tara.

Tara has struggled staying hydrated. We took her in today for a scheduled IV; nearly 2 liters. It wasn’t a surprise. We just did it to stay on top of things. Otherwise she has felt pretty good.

Jesus used water in his ministry. He turned it into wine, showing his power over creation. When meeting a Samaritan woman as she was getting a drink, Jesus also asked her for one, and went on to tell her of a living water where she would never thirst again (referring to the salvation he offered). And he used water in representing his death, burial and resurrection in baptism, and called on all of us to follow him in that symbolic sacrament.

Water has always been key to physical and spiritual life, and now it is key to Tara’s life.


5 thoughts on “Water

  1. Damon has such fond memories of your time together. This was a story he told me several times when we first met and started dating. The memories have only grown sweeter and those special times more cherished over the years. You & Tara are amazing people and a friend to all. We are thinking of you all and wishing Tara brighter days ahead.

  2. It’s so good to know they are doing things like that to keep you feeling good Tara. The Lord has you in the cleft of the rock and he covers you there with His hand. I love that visual. I take it that the shot went well?! And why is it that guys like those words?! You know the ones…girls can go our whole lives without really talking about those but the guys find hilarity in them! My word to describe what my heart feels for all of you is hope. It just is. Hope is the product of drinking in that living water. There’s an abundant supply. Thanks for your words- this window into your lives, love and journey!! Always praying…

  3. As my dear wife, Dianne, of 46 years and I sat beside Tara this morning (Monday, Feb. 25) talking away an hour, some observations have given us cause to praise The Great Physician. She’s sitting up faithfully drinking a bottle of “Perfect” empowered water. Last night, shortly after their dinner of BBQ Ribs and Chicken Breasts, Tara decided she wanted to wash some dishes, so she did. She gets up more frequently and does more small tasks than she used to such as brushing her teeth, combing her dog’s coat of dark brown hair and walking to the trash can to toss the handful of hair away. Her strength is returning, though she still gets tired easily, she smiles much more and engages conversation more. Her pain level is, according to Tara, around a 1 or 2 out of a 10 point scale. All-in-all improvement is obvious and thrilling. Thank you Lord for the part you’ve played in her healing process.

  4. I am continuing to pray for your family. Your faith is truly an inspiration! May God grant healing to Tara and restore her good health.

    Tammy Mammel

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