Many Will See and Hear

I reflected back at the first few days of our journey; the things I had been thankful for; the scripture that came alive. I continue to catch glimpses of how God is using this. We are humbled to hear people say they are following the blog. We find it a useful tool from the practical sense as it reduces the phone calls of people wondering how Tara is doing. But it is being used far more than that.

On the day Tara was diagnosed the scripture that we first turned to was Psalm 40:1-3. We wrote it out as our very first post and we have brought it up several times since then. It is our constant reminder of God in this trial. It was what inspired us to do the blog (so that many would see and hear about what God is doing).

“I waited patiently for the Lord, and he turned to me and heard my cry.
He brought me up out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire.
And he set my feet on a rock and made my footsteps firm.
He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God.
Many will see and fear and put their trust in the Lord.”

God is using this situation in our lives to make known His goodness. And many are seeing it. It is not anything we wanted or planned to deal with. It has hurt us deeply and is in the process of changing us, just like Tara’s surgery hurt her to heal her. I hope that this also impacts you and leaves you changed. I hope it challenges your status quo and causes you to re-think your priorities; to live outside of yourself; to do more with the life that God has given to you.

This was a great day for Tara. No nausea all day! She consumed the right amount of food and liquids. I bailed on the first shot to her leg, and had to call in an expert. Tomorrow morning I’ll get it. It should be the exact same as the orange I practiced on, right?

Tara ventured out to Esther’s basketball game this morning. Although exhausting, it refreshed her spirits to cheer for her daughter. When resting at home, the kids wandered in and out of the bedroom all day just wanting to see mom or ask her questions just like the old days. There were at least 10,000 claps and poundings of cups on the table as the cup song was rehearsed over and over…..and over. I joined in because it sounded fun.

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement. We love you.


12 thoughts on “Many Will See and Hear

  1. “Hear my prayer, O Lord; listen to my cry for mercy.
    In the day of my trouble I will call to you,
    for you will answer me.” (Ps 86:6-7)
    Thank you, God, for answering our prayers about Tara today.
    with love, Gretchen and John

  2. What awesome news and I love the joy you have in a terrific day!! It is so refreshing to everyone’s soul!! I see the Fort Wilderness talent show will have a unison cup song this year…and what a beautiful place to heal and refresh. We missed your family and treetop hammock. (Best enjoyed from the ground looking up at it in my opinion…) As far as shots- they hurt less than that bonk Lewis gave you the other night. AND they’re for something wonderful I imagine…all a part of this deal (ordeal…). You can do it! Super excited about the eating and drinking!! Yay Tara!!!! Praise Jesus!!! Praying for you all!!

  3. WOW! You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. So happy to hear Tara had a great day. God is at work and He is using this trial for His glory! We are blessed to be a blessing and you are blessing many! Praying for more good days. Blessings Pat and Jean Parsley

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  4. Yes. Thank you for daily reminding us of God’s goodness and how even in the toughest of times, He is faithful! You all are an encouragement to our entire family. Hoping today is filled with some sweet family time for just your immediate 7 member crew 😉

    angie for all Pankratz’s

  5. Good morning Jay and Tara. I pray you had a restful night’s sleep and are refreshed to meet the day. I am so glad to hear the nausea medicine is working. Yay God! I am also glad to hear that Tara felt well enough to attend Esther’s game. You can do the shots Jay. Think of it as giving a “great day” shot. The shot gives Tara a chance at a day like yesterday and allows her body to heal without suffering so many side effects. It is hard to see those we love suffer. When my 1st husband George was sick with cancer, I learned to do many things that I did not enjoy. I would rather have suffered for him, but God in His unquestionable wisdom chose me to be the caregiver instead. I learned to take one moment at a time and do what had to be done. We were so grateful for our church family, as many of our biological family did not have a relationship with Christ and lacked our hope. When God spoke clearly to us that George would not recover, in faith, we prepared for the end. My husband shared with many people during the last several months of his life about His hope and faith in Christ. Many came to trust in the Lord and God took Him home. I believe God will heal Tara completely in His time.
    Psalm 40:1
    I waited patiently for the Lord; and he inclined unto me, and heard my cry.
    I believe God hears the cry of your hearts and He will answer.
    I love you both.

  6. Thanks for keeping up the blog. Agree that it is so much better than everyone calling 2 C how things R going. Also agree that it will reach many people. I look forward 2 each new post & continue to pray 4 U all.

  7. One of the points in our pastors sermon today was “use what God has given you” and I immediately thought of you and Tara and your blog. How you are using your situation right now to reach who knows how many lives teaching and living my example how amazing God truly is. I pray for you often and always look forward to your updates.

  8. Jay just wanted to let you know that I bailed on my first injection in front of my instructor!! It gave my patient REAL confidence in my abilities!HA! So glad you had a good day Tara. PTL! FFF(Faith,Family,Friends). Amen! Love & Prayers continue from CL. Aunt Cathy & Uncle Mike

  9. Praying for Tara and your family. I am following your blog everyday. You have no idea how it speaks to me and many others.

  10. Jay, Thanks again for the thoughtful updates. They are very helpful to stay connected with how your family is doing and are also worthy of putting together as a daily devotion book. I am happy to hear of the improvements with Tara’s comfort and am rejoicing with the kids at having mom home again for them. -ROBERT

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