Night at the Movies

The kids are hoping school gets snowed out tomorrow. I remember those days. It is almost better than a 3-day weekend. Can chemo get snowed out? If it doesn’t, then round 3 will happen tomorrow as scheduled. The last time in I took some things to work on and after focusing on that stuff for an hour or so, Tara said, “Don’t take offense to this, but seeing as how you are busy, I think next time I’ll have one of my friends come sit with me so we can talk.” She wasn’t being mean, just understanding. But it hit me. It was a reminder that I am still the same old me. Even after all that we have been through and the things I thought I had learned once and for all, I still struggle.

The reality of it is that life will go on, often exactly as it was. Both good and bad. We’ll still have to plan time together. We’ll still argue. I’ll still work too long at times to try to stay on top of the game. But it will still require hard work, and it will be important, to be excellent at what we do. We’ll struggle to find daily time in the word and prayer. We’ll forget how much we love each other, and then we’ll remember again. We will need constant encouragement and discipline to maintain where God has brought us. We will need the spirit to move fresh in us once again. I pray that it won’t take additional trials.

So we’ll take what we can get, when we can get it. Like today, Tara said, “Let’s go see the Lost Medallion this evening with the family.” So we did it. We had the theatre to ourselves and the movie was great. I don’t think I would have done that a month ago. So use this little example to learn from us stubborn fools; love on your families, impact people around you. And you can’t drop everything to do it. Life goes on.



9 thoughts on “Night at the Movies

  1. I especially love your perspective that “we wouldn’t have done this a month ago.” It goes along with the gift of presence. Time spent together can never be taken away. Memories to encourage you as you receive another chemo treatment Tara. I’m so glad for these good days- thanks for keeping us posted! We keep on praying!!!

  2. Just had my 13 year anniversary and you are right that life does go on. I found that even though you know that something really big has happened it helps you stay better grounded to keep toa fairly ‘normal’ schedule even though ‘normal’ takes on a slightly new definition.(o:. We are still praying for you. Love, Gramma Bergan

  3. It’s amazing how quickly we fall back into the routine of our lives after a life change event. Amazing is probably not the right word to use. I think amazing is usually a word to describe something wonderful. I don’t think its so wonderful that I fall so quickly back in to the routine! Thank you for the gentle reminder to slow down and stay and rest in the lesser focused-on things in my life! I hope your kids get a snowed-in day today! And I’m praying for Tara’s chemo day today and hoping you enjoy your time together in your “new” normal for now! Blessings to your family! I’m praying in Rogers without ceasing for healing!

  4. The way you and Tara have faced this challenge has proved to be an encouragement to others. God bless your family as you continue on this journey.

  5. Tara and Jay, (and kids)

    During our family prayers last night the kids prayed for all sorts of wonderful things. This ranged from the desired SNOW DAY to healing, peace and strength for Tara and for peace of mind for your kids. It is precious to hear kids praying for kids!

    One of the things I look forward to every day is reading your blog. I have laughed hysterically (thanks Tara for the electric cart story..) and been encouraged by your honest and humble postings. It is a joy to watch you cling to our Lord!

    Team Nichols is thankful for the SNOW DAY and we will take this quiet God given down time to pray for you throughout the day.

    Tara – YOU GO GIRL!

    Big Hugs,

  6. Read this today and thought of you guys. 🙂

    When you go through deep waters,
    I will be with you.
    When you go through rivers of difficulty,
    you will not drown.
    When you walk through the fire of oppression,
    you will not be burned up;
    the flames will not consume you.

    Isaiah 43:2 (New Living Translation)

  7. It was quite enlighting to read your blog today. Sorry to say, Jay, that you sound like most men. Seems as though we(men) can focus “triple-fold” on our job or tasks. But when it comes to home and family, we don’t focus.
    For me, many times I take family for granted. i have to remind myself when times get so hectic, to “take time to smell the roses”. To many times, I don’t appreciate things or people, I miss them more when I don’t have them anymore. Just a simple injury, ankle sprain, I realize how much they are needed for simple tasks: like standing or walking. God continues to teach me that I need to appreciate the “littlest things” in life, now, not after I don’t have them or can’t use them.
    We are keeping on keeping on our knees for Tara’s quick and perfect healing with no or minimal, side effects. With all my love, Uncle Gary

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