Deep Seated Change

What a beautiful day. Or so it seems from looking out the window. The sun on our faces is warm through the glass and that is about as close as we’ll get for the rest of the day. But we did get out this morning for a date at the Honker. It reminded us of days before cancer, only a month ago, but seemingly years ago. Saturday used to be that day WAY back then. But today is Sunday and that works too.

We are trying to assess which changes in our lives will be permanent and which are temporary. Obviously we will be fixing our own meals and cleaning our own house at some point in the near future. So that change is temporary (but what a blessing that is). We’ll also get back to serving at Next Chapter, worship team, Saturday evening youth activities and some of the other things we do individually. That change is also temporary, but potentially we will never be as busy as we were.

The permanent changes are deep seated. We may not have encountered God like Moses, Saul or Isaiah, with bright lights and overwhelmingly holy presence. But in a much, lesser way, we may be encountering him like Job did, and our reaction should be the same. Who are we to question God, who is perfect in all intentions and deeds? He knows everything and works it all for the good of those who love him and are called according to his purposes. The encounters with God throughout scripture are marked by changed lives and a purpose to go tell others about what he has done.


8 thoughts on “Deep Seated Change

  1. Well said, Jay; tis exciting and terrifying, I am sure. On my way to church this am I heard the song “promises” by Sanctus Real. Do you guys know it? Check it out–it’s a good one and my heart went to your family, again, and how you continue to rest in His promises. Keep it up; we will continue to cover you with prayer. Love you guys!

  2. You are both wise as you walk this road together. By the sun coming up every morning and setting every night we know that nothing ever stays the same. It keeps going whether we are “ready” or not. It IS a beautiful day. Because its one that The Lord made. And we’ll be glad. Greetings and prayers sent your way!! Amen.

  3. I cherish your posts. Your writing skills seem poetic and yet effortless. I am so grateful that a friend passed this along to me. Your words often express much of my own past journey’s thoughts with my cancer (5 years and counting). And the shopping adventure was hilarious. My own two daughters refused to let me drive one for their own fears of calling attention to themselves. I think the 11 yo preferred her mother falling over and fainting in Hy-Vee than driving around and beeping when I backed up. I am glad Tara let loose and had some fun careening into displays. Enjoy the snow and fluffines of the day. -mm

  4. I have been following your blog since I first noticed that you posted the link on facebook a few weeks ago. Your family has been on my mind a lot over the last few weeks and I pray for you every time I think of you. I have many special memories with your family and always enjoyed my time spent with you. I will keep you in my prayers as you try to live out your faith in the hardest of circumstances. I am also sharing your story with anyone around me that is willing to pray for you.

    I remember talking to you about my family going to Honduras in 2008 and remembering that Jay’s tree skills could be used in Honduras someday. I was so happy to read about your family venturing to Haiti. What a great trip you go to experience together! Our family of 4 is returning to Honduras in a few weeks for our 4th trip. I will be remembering you continually in my prayers as we are on different adventures in life.

  5. Jay your topic of change reminded me of my now past work career. A direct supervisor said, Cathy no one likes change,only newborn babies with a poopie diaper do!! I guess he thought I was not handling things well!! Thanks for the Great picture of Tara terrorizing Target .hahaha. It is a good thing that her Mom and aunts were not there ! I will end my greeting with an Irish blessing of Light : May the Blessing of Light be on you,light without and light within. May the blessed sunlight shine on you and warm your heart till it glows like a great peat fire,so that the stranger may come and warm himself at it, and also a friend. All our love and prayers continue from CL. Aunt Cathy & Uncle Mike

  6. “The encounters with God throughout scripture are marked by changed lives and a purpose to go tell others about what he has done.” So true, bro. Love you dearly! Thank you for sharing your life, pain, joy, heart…and hope because of Christ.

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