Reckless Tara


This is Tara in Target after the Mall experience. From the next isle over I heard a crash. You’d think at 1 MPH she could avoid the corners. It was hilarious.


15 thoughts on “Reckless Tara

  1. Thanks for posting the picture! It’s great to see her, even if she is dangerous on wheels! At least Target has nice, wide aisles!

  2. Thanks for making ME laugh. That picture would have been even funnier had there been a six pack of beer in the cart!

  3. Great going…Tara. Dad says you have a heavy foot, lawnmower, car,now shopping carts. Love that smile…You made our day and made us smile…PTL Dad and Mom

  4. Love it! I thought we were the only ones crazy enough to drink “stevita” . It is so good to see you out and about!

  5. By that gorgeous smile you’d never know anything of what you’ve been thru. I’m going to write this because it goes thru my mind every time I read these…”You Go Girl!” Seeing as Target and ARC are where I see you the “most” I’m thrilled to know we may run into each other there. Literally. I’ll watch out for the reckless lady in the cart…!

  6. Tara…you go girl. Jay…don’t let her drive the car.

    We are keeping you in our prayers and it looks like they are being heard.

  7. You Go Girl!!!! We love you and I always have said that stores put those items in the isles for good hearted people to run into its called test driving the obstacle course…

  8. I have driven one of those carts back into the store after getting hubby to the van. They are absolutely crazy…it’s high speed or no speed!! Still praying for you all~~ Rosie Oelschlaeger (formerly Mrs. Thomas)

  9. Hey Tiger Lilly! You better leave the driving and flying to Peter Pan. Too bad the cart didn’t have wings then you could fly you could fly you could fly!! I celebrate your moments of fun and laughter…as long as you don’t crash the cart!
    Healing hugs pretty lady!!

  10. Tara, You look like Aunt Cathy! I’ve never noticed that before!? Wow! Great to see your bright smile. Love ya!

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