Reckless Saturday

True story. Tara accelerated forward unaware of the people on either side of her. Turning a corner she swiped a stand causing the store employee to move quickly then pick up after her once she passed. At each turn I held my breath as she seemed not to care about the vehicle she was in or the consequences of her mistakes. I kept looking behind us, expecting to have the authorities step in, but only catching brief glances of concerned people. She came to a dead end, what I thought could have ended it, right then and there. But nay nay, she threw it into reverse hitting another stand, making me grunt in disgust. I didn’t think we had insurance for this and it was starting to concern me. Finally she pulled the electric wheel chair cart back up to where we got it. I was relieved she was done.

Despite that, it was a great day. Tara wanted to venture out to the mall so we did (the scenes above took place in a number of unnamed stores there). The kids hung out with us, tried on some clothes, bought a fraction of what was tried on and then we capped it off with a HuHot lunch. You can tell that Tara is doing much better. Tonight we are even going to church and Tara is really excited to worship with her community.

Your prayers and thoughtfulness continue to bless us. Daily we get cards of encouragement in the mail and comments on the blog. Thank you for lifting us up in prayer to the one who sustains us.


12 thoughts on “Reckless Saturday

  1. Todd said it was exciting seeing you at Target today. Now I know why! Thanks for the laugh. Solomon is right that ia joyful heart is the best medicine! Prov 17:17

  2. Hooray for Tara!!! So grateful for her strength today and the ability to get out and about…for the ability to go to your place of worship and meet with God’s people!! Prayers continuing in Rogers, Arkansas!!
    If you see Ralph Gay, please tell him hello from me.

  3. Praise God Tara is doing so well! Esther and Bri are having a blast. They lost their first game by one point in the last few seconds. Won their second game by 10 points and we have been hanging out at the hotel. Tonight they play again at 7:40.

  4. It was wonderful to see Tara out at the concert last night! You looked great! Those carts have a mind of their own…i had trouble with one at Shopko when I broke my leg! Glad you are having an upbeat weekend!

  5. Way to go, Tara, I guess you are practicing to give Danica Patrick a run for her money in the Daytona next year!! (glad you are keeping Jay on his toes!)
    We love you and hope you continue to gain more strength each day. God’s mercies really are new every day!!
    Hugs and prayers to all 7—
    Aunt Gail and Uncle Max

  6. God bless you all bro. My prayers never stop for you all. Leaving for Tampa tomorrow but will check on you. Love to all.

  7. So glad that Tara is regaining her strength. It was good to see you and to talk briefly on Friday evening. We’re continuing to pray.

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