Last night Tara spiked a temperature. We were told that if she gets a temp of 100.5 degrees or more, treat it like an emergency. We checked often watching the readings go from 100.1 up to 100.6. We kept saying if it goes up one more degree, we are going to the ER. Over the next 30 minutes, it dropped back down, thankfully, and we stayed home.

We suspected the temperature had something to do with a rash that she had gotten over the last few days, which was progressively getting worse. On her back side the rash bumps were coalescing into large reddish brown areas. So today Tara followed the doctor’s advice and went in. The trips to the hospital are becoming quite frustrating for her. Being diagnosed with shingles topped off the frustration.

The bright side is that since she had to go in today, they got the blood work done that she was supposed to do tomorrow before chemo. Also, because of the shingles, she will get her own room during treatment tomorrow (insert subtle smile here). It really is amazing how she deals with stuff like this. I just overheard her respond to an inquiring friend, saying, “Its okay. Its not my family. Its just me and I will heal.”

Round 4 of chemotherapy is tomorrow morning. She is flying solo this time, and is nearly giddy about having some time alone to just rest during treatment. My dad will be dropping her off and picking her up. This is kind of a big step in the recovery process. Confidence to handle it on her own is a big thing. Only 2 weeks ago, we were pushing her in a wheelchair everywhere she went. Then a week ago she was walking with my arm to hold on to. Tomorrow, on her own strength. Next week, who knows. Maybe she’ll be taking the stairs instead of the elevator.


9 thoughts on “Progress?

  1. Dear Lord Jesus, please wrap your arms around Tara and with your loving touch, drive shingles and every vestige of sickness from her body!!

  2. Thank you for the chuckle- your rendition Jay of the progression! Beautiful! Shoot on the shingles, but another bump that has something to do with the fact that chemo isn’t for wimps and Tara’s got Holy hands over her. Love how you see the awesome details that come out of the ashes. (Private room, etc!!) (stairs!?) Enjoy the peace tomorrow Tara and know how appreciative we are of knowing how things are going. Praying for you-I pray Lord that the shingles will resolve and not cause pain.

  3. Shingles is not fun. You are a brave Tara. I am impressed. I will pray that your day alone with the Mayo team is a peaceful one. You will be a blessing there. Look for it.

    Good for both of you to focus on the things that are going positive. It is an example for all of us.

    And yes, Jay, I am trying to do the things you ask us all to do for our families and our neighbors and friends. “Taraizing,” I am calling it. It does feel good.

    Thanks brother and sister for sharing your life and making us be better people.

  4. Tara, I am praying that tomorrow goes well and that you enjoy your moments of “solitude”. Tonight at WBS we talked about the awesome power of God and about His ability to “do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think” (Eph. 3:20). May He abundantly…..and exceedingly fill you with strength……..and all the other things that HE KNOWS that you need. How great our Father’s love for YOU, Tara!

  5. Sorry to hear about the shingles, Bri and I have had them in the past, no fun. At least there is a benefit to Tara having them. Tara is an inspiration to me and my family. We are praying for your healing! Lots of love, Monica

  6. Hope your day in the private (chemo spa) room is restful. Sorry to hear about the shingles. You know, between week 5 and week 7 is a magically time for healing. Your energy comes quickly back. I hope you are feeling well.

  7. So sorry to hear about the shingles, but we know you can get through this, too.
    We will continue to pray for peace to get through each day and complete healing as you continue with chemo tomorrow. Please know you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. Take care.

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