Things Aren’t Always What They Seem

One year ago in March we had 11 days in the month over 70 degrees, 3 of which were actually over 80. That all happened in what was technically winter. The spring equinox is tomorrow. That means spring is here, right? Yes, it officially starts tomorrow. But like last year, things aren’t always what they seem.

Tara has a stage 4 ovarian cancer diagnosis; seems like it should be solemn around here. It isn’t. Tara is in pain from the shingles; seems like she should be in a bad mood. She isn’t. I am bearing the load of parenting while balancing a busy work load; seems like I should be exhausted and irritated. But I’m not. Things aren’t always what they seem. It seems fairly regular around here. But it isn’t.

God is not surprised by any of this. It is exactly what it seems like to him. That gives us great comfort and peace. He sees around the next corner and just like he has all along, he is preparing us for that too. But if it seems to you like I am glad we are in this situation, like we are always holding strong, like we are rejoicing in our suffering, then once again, things aren’t always what they seem.

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement.


13 thoughts on “Things Aren’t Always What They Seem

  1. Thanks for your great perspective, Jay. So very true. May God continue to bless and heal during this unreal reality. – Tom

  2. But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us. We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed. 2 Cor. 4:7-9

    Praying for you all and grateful God is giving you peace beyond measure!

    The Pankratz Crew

  3. Anything that can be said seems so trivial to me, Jay! It’s times like these we know it has to be by the grace of God. There’s just no other possible answer! We continue to pray for you all.

  4. Jay and Tara, we have only met briefly once several years ago through my parents, Ron (Pete) and Betty Peterson, but wanted you to know that we are praying for you here in Springdale, AR. Your faith is amazing and you are inspiration as you take this journey. We will continue to pray for God’s healing!
    In Jesus’ precious name,
    Jen and Guy Durkee

  5. Wow, Jay, that’s just about the most moving piece I’ve ever read. I confess to only a passing acquaintance with you and your family at church, but I very much appreciate your blog and your willingness to open your heart to all of us. God bless all of you as we continue to pray for God’s outcome!
    Bonnie Kane

  6. Amen. I heard that by another source today too (Ana I believe!) that tomorrow is the first day of spring. I feel like this weather though is more like what we should expect. Just like having “those” moments that you can expect- they come, but the beauty is realizing that ultimately you don’t live in the “expected” moments ALL the time. There’s no cookie cutter mode for certain curveballs in life. The constant is Jesus. What a friend. It’s beautiful to see what having such a constant source of life is doing in your family. I’m so glad Jesus isn’t a feeling but a fact. Prayers going up for all of you. Speaking of prayers- I have friends in AZ praying for you! For the map…

  7. WOW! Again it must be said, Tara and Jay, God is using you to minister in a very powerful way. Thank you for the blessing you are to me and to so many others through the words the Holy Spirit has given you. Time to go to my quiet place and lift you up in prayer.
    Gretchen Hoppe

  8. “Lord, may TARA still dare to hope when she remembers this: Your faithful love never ends! Your mercies never cease. Great is Your faithfulness; Your mercies begin afresh each morning for TARA!”

    From Lamentations 3:21-23

  9. I agree with Bonnie: You really nailed this one, Jay (it seems you so often do!). This is a great reminder that what we think we see in others might be true, but it so often isn’t. May we all lend an extra measure of mercy to those we encounter today. Then, just maybe, things can become even better than they seem.
    As an aside, I told my girls the other day that reading your blog is like a steady lesson on good marriage. Thanks for sharing the beauty of God’s design.

  10. We have never met but Angela Morgan is our daughter-in-love and through her we feel we know you. She has shared your blog with us and your family has been in our prayers daily. We also have friends and prayer groups praying as well. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and being open about your feelings – that helps us to better pray. SC folks love and are praying for you too! – jan

  11. You continue to offer words of encouragement to your blog followers! You continue to be lifted up in prayer! Thank you for revealing the “real” stuff in your lives!
    We praise Him in this storm even tho things are not as we wish them to be for you!

  12. I do not know either of you. However We have some things in common. I am friends with Jim and Leslie Peiter. And when talking with them Sunday evening I found out you live in my old “home town”. I graduated from John Marshall High, this is going to hurt, 40 years ago this year. ( do not bother to do the math, it was 1973.) With that for an introduction I also want you to know that there are many of us out here that do not know you yet. That love you all like He loves us, praying for you and with you. Bearing one another’s burdens, rejoicing that we have a future and a hope. And regardless of the trials and struggles we share we have the promise of eternity forever together with each other and most importantly with our King. We as a church family pray for you all daily, I do the announcements at our church and you all are in the Bulletin every week. Usually if not always, ( far from perfect) announced to be prayed for every Sunday, and loved by so many here that have never met you. We have the pleasure of knowing that Leslie is coming the first of April to come along side you all and I hope you know that if able we would all come with her. We can not right now so we will stay here and try and minister to her family while she is with you all. If you can ( I do get busy) please email me when you can with anything that comes up specifically you need in.prayer and I will see that it gets out on our prayer chain and is announced on Sundays. We also want go be able to share your praise reports,so let me have them as well. With much Love your extended Church family in the Land of Enchantment. ( FYI that would be New Mexico) Keep looking up. Nothing but dirt beneath your feet.:0)

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