More Progress

Every day we gain a little ground. Today Tara had the biopsy of her thyroid and we already got word back that it is benign. This is a huge relief for us. We have a day off tomorrow, then we have appointments 3 days in a row. One day at a time.

Many people have asked how else they can help. With Tara still not nearly at full strength, and my busy season at work coming quickly, our friends have extended the meal sign up another month. We cannot imagine having to think about groceries and meal preparation yet, although honestly, I kind of feel bad that we can’t. You can go to the ‘meals’ page and sign up if you are interested in helping in that way.

We are encouraged and God has proven his faithfulness again today.


11 thoughts on “More Progress

  1. I love, love, LOVE the word “benign” and praise God you heard that word today!

    Giving thanks to the Lord…
    The Pankratz Crew

  2. Fabulous news on the thyroid biopsy.PTL!! Prayers continue from CL. Much love to all this Holy Week .Aunt Cathy & Uncle Mike

  3. So grateful to hear the thyroid results! We are celebbrating each victory with you. Can’t wait to wear to my official “Team Tara” jersey. Hope to see you soon, Tara.

  4. Dear Maiers, We are sitting here in Vicksburg, Mississippi, rejoicing about the recent news of the biopsy. As we head north we marvel at the beauty God has surrounded us with and even more the blessings to enjoy the day ahead. We know your schedule is busy but know full well you have your priorities in the right order. We think of you often and pray consistently for God’s presence in your life as you travel this journey.

    Just a side note, there are many in Billings, MT praying for you all….. my ladies prayer group, study group, as well as friends in our church family. In visiting with one of my friends, she mentioned that while visiting her husband,s granddaughter recently, she mentioned you all. The granddaughter is a physician at Mayo and attends your church. Small world, with many connections! Hugs and love your way, Aunt Barb

  5. Alleluia! God is so good. Thank you Jesus. We continue to hold you all in prayer.
    Joyfully in Prayer for you,
    Ken+ and Susan Richards

  6. So happy to hear the good news about the biopsy! In case you’re wondering, we are “trying” to help you by helping Nancy and Larry in any way possible. Wish we could do more, but know that you will appreciate this as much as anything. Love to all of you.

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