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I now believe in the Easter bunny. We woke up today to a backyard full of Easter eggs (Thank you to whoever did that). The kids were so excited. Later we enjoyed a good dinner with some great friends. They opened their home to us, served us and loved on us. What a great day.

This week is a light week for Tara. Just chemotherapy on Thursday. My sister will be in town this week to spend time helping while the kids are off from school. It will be a fantastic week.

There have been a few questions people have asked us, and I wanted to answer them for everyone. So here they are.

Q: What is the significance of the black and white pins on our map?
A: Nothing. It depends on which one we pull out of the container that has both colors in it.

Q: Is Tara planning to get a wig?
A: She is a practical person and likes the flexibility of a hat. So unless she becomes bothered by the lack of hair she will likely stick with the hat.

Q: Is there anything else we can do for Tara or the family?
A: Yes. Here is a list of things that would help.
a. Continue to pray for us; for our children’s’ faith, for the effective of the treatment, for peace and endurance.
b. Engage us in conversation about things other than our situation. It is okay to ask, but let the conversation go elsewhere.
c. Send us encouragement in cards or comments on the blog. Blog comments are read daily and are free. Don’t feel like you have to say anything else other than the scripture if you don’t want.
d. In a few weeks we could use help getting our perennial beds ready for spring. Usually Tara does this (and loves it) but this year we’ll need help. Let us know if you can help.


11 thoughts on “Q & A

  1. Happy Easter! The gravestone is gone; the Capstone is ALIVE! Alive forevermore!
    It’s done, yes it’s done; it’s done, yes it’s done! By the precious blood of Jesus, the battle is won!

    Had a delightful visit with your mom yesterday, Tara…….sure do miss her! Have a good week…………

  2. On our kitchen chalkboard right now: Deut. 31:6–“The Lord your God, He is the one who goes with you. He will not leave you.” Praying for you, Rich & Michelle Harris & kids

  3. Yes, spring is coming! Ashley and I are in South Bend this morning looking at a college and spring is definitely in Indiana already. The grass is greening and the tree outside our suite has small leaves.
    You may be finding eggs all summer as you mow being as you didn’t hide the eggs. I can never remember where I put them all even when I do hide them. This year my mother-in-law hid them inside since the yard was full of slushy snow and mud.
    I love spring because of all the new life from plants in the garden to the little deer we see in the pasture. Even now the crocus are sure to be pushing up their leaves and the tulips are not far behind.
    Enjoy being outside this week as the yard wakes up from its long nap!

  4. There are some amazingly thoughtful and creative people in our community. We are blessed to live here. I saw you Saturday and loved the what looked like a raspberry hat!! Its the color i’d pick for you! We are picking up a new puppy today. Tara, let me know when coffee works for you. I got back from Germany Friday evening and am now getting back into family life and am thankful it’s spring break. Can you believe it’s April?! I loved the last pic of you by the map. You are always in my heart and prayers. I’m sorry about your dealings with the shingles. Sounds like they lived up to their reputation. So does The Lord. Love you.

  5. Thanks Jay for the update. We hope you had a wonderful and blessed Easter. It was good to see Micalyn on the trail during the ressurection run!!

  6. Greetings – I am like you and looking forward to being able to work in the yard again. Seeing as my housework and cooking skills are not as good as my gardening skills, I am planning to help in your yard. Hope you and the kids enjoy the spring week off and you all are in my prayers.

  7. I am continuing to pray here in Norton, KS. I couldn’t tell if there was a black or white pin out there in Western, KS and then realized Norton may not even be big enough to be on that map. 🙂 Just place it a little over half-way to Denver, CO from KC and a touch south of the Nebraska border. If we lived closer, I would talk KU basketball or WSU basketball with you to talk about something other than Tara’s cancer. The WSU conversation would go better after this past weekend.


  8. And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:19 NIV). Praying for God’s peace to powerfully shine through you!

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