Today was a great day for Tara. She spent time this morning with some friends from our small group. Then lunch at home with Andrean, Jenna and Lewis as well as a good friend, who brought the lunch. This afternoon was some great time with the kids doing school work. In between a few chores around the house. By the end, as she would want it, she was all used up and now lays crashed in bed ready for rest. You don’t have to probe too deep to find the smile on her face, because she remembers clearly where she was 8, 6, or even 3, weeks ago. It is now day seventy.

Tomorrow is round 9 of chemotherapy. I’ll be going with Tara right away in the morning to get some much needed time with her. Hopefully the conversations are not distracted. I guess that is up to me, right?

We have been updating our wall map regularly, but we know we are still missing some locations where people are thinking of and praying for us. If you don’t see your place represented, please let me know so I can stick a pin there (I’m sorry if you have told me and I have forgotten). This map has been a source of great encouragement to us and will remain on our bedroom wall for years to come as a reminder of God’s faithfulness.



9 thoughts on “Seventy

  1. That map is so beautiful. It is an encouragement to all who see – I wonder if you’ve heard about that woman and her husband on 98.9 around 11:00 with dr Dobson? Her name is Bobbi and of course the last name isnt coming to me. Battling with stage 4 ovarian CA – it was such an encouragement to listen to her story and how her faith resonates with yours! Day 70 is really far from day 1. Praise The Lord. I pray for your time together tomorrow to be filled with deep peace and gratitude for each moment spent side by side, talking or not! Presence is everything.

  2. Dear Tiger Lilly! I am so proud of you and your determination to live with cancer. You will be rewarded for your mission on earth. Your family has already been rewarded. They were chosen to be your faith filled parents, brother, husband, and children. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers as we spend time in Tacoma Wa visiting Peter Pan and also spend a month babysitting for the crocodile and her soon to be two year old every other month in Leavenworth Wa.

    Keep counting the rainbows in your life and keep wearing your beautiful smile! Chocolate hugs and kisses…Jane

  3. Myself and my small group at church are praying for all of the Maiers. We are near Hershey, PA. Jay-I’m really grateful for your posts. They are so inspiring. Cancer is a horrible thing and you and Tara are facing it with such great faith. What a wonderful example you are to your children and all who are touched by you (in person and on-line)!

  4. Hi! We are connected to Lenexa Baptist Church! Praying for y’all and enjoy your updates here in Keller, TX. Thanks for sharing yourselves – may God continue to be glorified and His will be done. Best wishes for the next round!!!

  5. Thankful for a great day for Tara!! Praying for many more of those same types of days for her and that much needed, undistracted time for you and her this morning! Praying chemo goes well today! Much love to you all!

  6. Tara and the 7 Maiers are in ours prayers. Stay strong Tara.. we can Definitely see and read God is working in your life! God Bless

  7. Hello Tara and the rest of your blessings (husband and children). I just want to let you know that I’m going to pray for you. May God strengthen you in everything.
    Hugs from Elona
    Kosovo, Europe

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