Today I was reminded again how many stories walk around the Mayo Clinic. Each is just as impactful on that person’s life as ours is to us. Today I saw a young grandma preparing to go into chemotherapy. Her daughter was with her and she had her grand daughter on speaker phone. She was trying to ease the concern that the grand daughter had about her condition.

I saw a 90 year old woman walking the lobby alone. She stumbled and fell to the ground, hitting her head on a table. When the doctors came to help her, and insisted that she stay in a wheel chair, she resisted saying “I want to stay out of the chair as long as possible, because once I stop walking, I’ll be done.”

How hard it is to empathize with someone until you have walked in their shoes. I wonder what it will be like to be old and feeble, trying to hang on to dignity and life. I wonder what it would be like to console my grandchild as they worried about me dying of cancer. I wondered about all kinds of different things as I looked around the waiting room. Each story equally impacting on that person and their family. A gentle smile is all I can offer. And looks back at us are equally curious; wondering about our story.


6 thoughts on “Stories

  1. There are so many situations in life where I feel the statement, “until you’ve walked in the shoes, don’t comment…..” Normally, I’m referring to comments about others, but it’s particularly poignant when one’s health is at stake. Just this week, one of my students was sharing with me some serious events in her family, and I had to say that to suggest I understood her journey, would be minimizing the gravity of the situation…..because, I have never walked in those shoes. I can “empathize” but even that is no easy task. Jay, I look forward to reading your blog every evening. It is so helpful when I am thinking about you all and praying for Tara’s recovery. I haven’t walked in your shoes, so your daily reminders are really the backbone of my prayers. Thank you.

  2. Beautiful stories- it reminds me of a verse a friend (Piper!) and I mentioned today “man looks at the outward appearance but God looks at the heart!” To sit at the Mayo clinic for a day is an experience beyond measure. Everyone with their story. But with some it seems that you have a glimpse of what they are going thru (Tara’s hair MIA!) but others it’s not clear at all! One thing that’s awesome is that God sees straight to the heart of every one of those folks and He can lead you both to be an encouragement because of your closeness to Him. And He can send someone with just what YOU need that day. It’s just beautiful. And sometimes we just need someone to say “what you are going thru stinks and we want to help carry your load.” You are truly set apart because of your circumstances. May God bless you as He uses you to bless others- out of the abundance in your heart may His mercies and love flow from all of you. He gives you just enough for today. And His “just enough” is always generous.

  3. Hi Jay and Tara: Jay, I was SO moved by your blog above. Just want you to know that I’m one of the many, many that pray for you. As you know, you are truly covered in prayer 24/7!

    It was such a pleasure for me to give you both a hug in the Communion line at church about a month ago.

    Please know that my heart goes out to you both and the kids.
    I don’t know you well and you don’t know me, but we’re in Christ and love Him and that’s all that matters.

    Blessings and peace to you this day!

    Sue Robinson

  4. How true it is … we all have a story! … and God has gifted you, Jay, to write yours down and invite the rest of us ‘in’ to your family’s ‘story’! We are so grateful to be able to, day by day, keep in touch with you and have new direction or continued direction to lift you up in prayer. Bless you, all. We continue to pray for the 7 of you and your parents and siblings as well. Ed and Julie

  5. I have heard from other people who have gone through their treatments, and what they encounter, very inspiring. I am just finishing up my schooling in becoming a certified medical assistant, and i know i will run into this from time to time in my profession. Keep that great determination that you have so much inside you Tara, you are so strong. Thanks so much Jay for sending your wonderful writings, really great to read. God bless all of you- Molli Mcraith

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