A Different Perspective

I woke up exhausted. Stayed up later than I should have because the snow day had messed up my schedule….again. Forced myself out of bed and went through my usual morning routine. Then off I go, prepared to face the challenges of my day. I have been filling my mind with encouraging activities like listening to music and reading. This helps me have a better attitude throughout my day. This is not Jay Maier, but me, a teenage girl facing the trials of a family in crisis.

I came home on Wednesday, January 30, 2013 to find my parents waiting for me. Nothing good ever happens when they are waiting for me. Sure, my mom was sick and not doing well, but cancer? That wasn’t an option in my mind. At first I was in shock, nothing ever exciting and tragic happens to normal people! I wasn’t exactly sure how to act. Should I cry? Should I hug my mom? For the first week or so it was awkward. I didn’t see mom much because she was in the hospital.

I was overwhelmed with how many people actually wanted to help us! All the friends who came behind us and just comforted us or were just there. And if people hadn’t brought us food we would have starved!!:) It helped more than you would think.

My faith has grown because of mom’s cancer. I’ve had to rely on God to sustain me emotionally. He has given me a peace in this situation. An its-in-your-hands attitude. I have made more time to spend with Him. For example, the morning bus ride to school is spent in prayer and meditation on His voice.

Sharing my emotions has been a struggle with anyone outside of some really close friends. My parents have had people encouraging them through the blog and cards, but my friends have been there behind the scenes holding me up and just supporting me. This is how I survive.

Welcome to a different perspective, still from the treetops! God has been faithful to me:)


13 thoughts on “A Different Perspective

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your personal thoughts with us (and me–a stranger to your family, but another mom in town with cancer and kids who need to face it alongside their parents). Your candid thoughts help me think more about how my 11 yo and 9 yo might view things when I go in and out of the hospital…. I am grateful for your sharing, and graced by your demonstration of dependance on the Father. -mm

  2. This is beautiful! Well written. I love and completely respect the notion that your own group of friends are holding you up- it’s definitely like that- you experiencing your “stuff” behind the scenes while the grown ups scramble to do what needs doing! Journaling or jotting a few thoughts every day can be great to help you process. You can say it all to The Lord in your journal. Freedom in being honest!! Often I think we can’t even figure out what we feel, but God and a good friend or family member who will point you to Jesus and His Word are the best medicine of all. I’m amazed at the unusual circumstances that all of you kids are facing at such a tender age. I never forget this catch phrase “if God brings you to it, He’ll bring you through it!” Keep writing. God is so faithful and good.

  3. Oh, sweet Micalyn. You are growing up. And I imagine you have had to grow up at a very rapid rate the past few months! It’s almost too much to ask a teenager to handle, but you are handling it with such grace… As evidenced in this blog. You have wisdom and, yes, perspective beyond your years. Although I know your parents may have preferred you learn these lessons in a different way, I know they must be so humbled and so very grateful to hear you affirm your faith in God the way you have. There are many people who will live their entire life without knowing the power of the living God and the peace He gives in the midst of the storm. You are living out your faith, Micalyn, and I am so proud of you. I am so thankful that you are surrounded with such wonderful friends. I wish we could be there in person to love on you, too… But just know that we are praying like crazy for you down here in Arkansas!

  4. I think it is great that you wrote on the blog. We grown ups sometimes forget in our pain to remember how hard it is for children in the family in crisis. I’m a friend of your Grandma Nan so I am very concerned about your family. I have been blessed by reading the Perspectives from the Tree Tops. I pray often for all of you. We know God is in control but sometimes it is hard to see that He has only our good in His plan for us. Someday we will understand- God promises that in His Word. So as hard as this life is He will give us everything we need to handle all the circumstances He puts us in. May you know God’s love and grace every day, Yes, you and all of your family.
    In the love of Christ,
    Gertrude Hibma

  5. Love hearing your perspective! (Although, I was rather enjoying the picture of your Dad listening to music and reading for encouragement.) Reading this blog every day, we are very aware of how this trial affects your mom & dad. It’s easy to forget the impact that it has on you kids. And I bet how it affects you is TOTALLY different than how it affects your siblings. If you haven’t, you might want to talk to them about it. (I am amazed when I talk to my siblings how we have a totally different way of looking at the same events that happened in our past.) I’m so glad for the work that God is doing in your life. We will be praying that you are continually made stronger.

  6. You are loved! So proud of you for writing! Illness effects everyone in a family and it is hard to have so much change going on around you when you aren’t the one sick. Please call team Nichols if you need some girl time!

  7. What an insightful blog you wrote. It meant a lot to me to read it. Be assured that each and everyone of us who reach out to your parents are deeply concerned about you children. This has been a very difficult time for your whole family but I trust it has been a time of maturing.

  8. Getting a view from a different branch is great. Although your family is all going through the same storm and it blows hard on all sides of the tree, you will find yourselves holding different branches. Our God is our harness and strength but we still need those branches in our lives.

  9. So good to hear from you. We really want to hear how each of you is handling this. We often say, “How would we do this without God?” Good to know you have Him as your Saviour. You are a witness for Him. There will be hard times, but know that He is near and all of these praying people are thinking of you children also. (o:

  10. I also loved reading this. Not that I was bored with your Dad or anything but because I wonder just how all the Maier family is doing especially the oldest child! Your perspective (oldest child, leader of the pack) is very important.
    When I was young, I had a few years of great difficulty and there were some lessons that I learned. I will share two. ONE- God allowed these difficulties to occur for reasons that I do not understand and He has made me strong enough to get through it. Seems impossible at times so just take it day by day. So, Micalyn, You are strong and built for this.
    And TWO- no one really knows how you feel unless you tell them. So, tell them and also ask for help. I remember not being able to concentrate at home some nights and going into school I knew I was not prepared for tests. Once I admitted this to my history teacher he kindly (and surprisingly) said, “Do not take the test…always tell me when you need more time for anything.” I did not know he would be so generous and caring. All I had to do was ask. So tell your “team, ” your parents, your teachers, your friends what you are thinking. Allow them to help, guide, love you.
    Write again!

  11. I love a different perspective and I really love the thought of looking at things from a different perspective other than your own. Coming to the realization there are many perspectives available for the very same experiences in each one of us. In one of your dad’s earlier post he mentioned about looking at all of the other people going through similar struggles, yet different than yours. It really makes you stop & think about life through a different set of eyes or reflecting upon your life through a different window or mindset. There are so many people that are touched by God’s grace and mighty power through this blog. “The Race” 7Maiers – Perspectives from the Tree Tops witnesses to so many, giving them Hope, Strength, & Faith in God by seeing him work through your lives, many who have never even met you.

    Thank you my dear Micalyn for sharing your perspective, emotions and more important your beautiful faith in God. I truly know that being 13 and having to deal with Cancer in your life is not a fun or easy thing, if not the fact of being 13 in itself and dealing with growing up is not hard enough wham you have this thrown upon you, the phrase “Really?” comes to my mind. You just continue to amaze me young lady, I understand you will have your good days and your bad ones. However, know that God does not bring us to things that He will not get us through or which we cannot handle. Continue to seek Him in all that you do. I have always turned to Romans 5:1-5
    “Therefore, since we were justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. Through Him we have obtained access to this grace in which we stand, and we rejoice in our hope of sharing the glory of God. More than that, we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not disappoint us, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit which has been given to us.”

    To quote some lyrics from Tenth Ave. North “The Struggle”
    “We are free to struggle – We’re not struggling to be free”

    I also like to reflect on the following lyrics from Casting Crowns “Glorious Day”
    “Jesus took the nails for me – Living He loved me – Dying He saved me – Buried He carried my sins far away”

    Truly God has blessed you with some great friends, I thank Him for that. I know that it is sometimes hard to talk with, share your thoughts, concerns, and emotions with family & the ones you love the most. I believe that we don’t meet people by accident, they are meant to cross our path for a reason – God has put them in our path. This also includes your family, they are there to be your foundation and support, lean on them, trust in them. God is in control and He will sustain you! Once again you have made me so proud to be your Uncle. God has truly blessed us. So look forward to giving you a big hug soon, and know you are always in my prayers. Love you!

  12. Dearest Micalyn. Words aren’t enough to say how incredibly proud of you I am. You are an amazing inspiration. God bless you. Love you.

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