Live. Sleep. Repeat.

The weekend is over and the busyness of the week is about to begin….again. Tara gradually felt better all day today and hopefully tomorrow morning she’ll be ready for the week….again. Life has the danger of being a cycle of events that just keep repeating. It is up to us to make sure that we are not repeating our mistakes, over and over. We must be advancing so we don’t keep ending up at the same point.

Although it is slow, we are progressing. Yes, health wise we are progressing from diagnosis until now. Bur more importantly, we are progressing in life. We can look over the entirety of our lives, or at least our 19+ years of marriage and see progress. Not every day up. But like we want for the stock market, averages going up. This phase of our life is actually a growth phase on the graph. Too bad it has to hurt so bad. But we’ll take it…I guess, since we have no choice.

God has been faithful to us again today.


5 thoughts on “Live. Sleep. Repeat.

  1. Thank you Jay for your faithfulness to your “viewers”. I love your family and so appreciate the honesty of the blogs! Micalyn’s thoughts were awesome. You and Tara must be so proud. I am visiting in Omaha for a few days. Today is very special.Just Carter age 5 and Nana are having a play date ALL DAY!! Jonah age 14 months went to the daycare .Those donuts at HyVee tasted extra special since I was with my Carter. Praying for Tara’s progress to continue from Omaha this time.Love to all. Aunt Cathy

  2. The Maier family is an inspiration to us all! I know that sometimes you probably wish you could just blend and not have to inspire. It has to be exhausting for all of you. God is using all of you to touch lives-even your kind smiles at the Clinic to those around you! So He will continue to empower you each step of the way. Our prayers continue for Tara and the crew! Can’t wait till you are looking at this “in the rearview mirror!!!”
    Blessings! from the Gislers

  3. We love you, Jay and Tara!! Doug and I continue to think about you and pray for you. I really love your posts. They draw me closer to our God who walks with all of us through every trial in our lives.
    Love you guys!
    Janet and Doug Broom

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