Encouragement does so much good for us. We were encouraged by a good report from the doctor. Tara’s body is being pushed to the max, but the drugs are doing their job. The levels indicating cancer are going in the right direction. But there are some other levels that indicate a beat-up body. We’ll take beat-up and improving over not beat-up and not improving.

The stomach pain is still around but the doctor is not concerned. Still a bummer to deal with the discomfort of it, but it is not something that will be around long. All these side issues, like the stomach pain and the shingles, are just proof we are pushing her body as much as possible with the treatment. But it is working. Thank God.

As I laid in the chemo bed today, next to Tara, she tucked her arms under the warmth of the blanket. My arm was under her neck and shoulder and extended out on the other side of her. With the blanket bunched up over her shoulder it was easy to see why the nurse’s first thought was that my arm was hers. She stood there with the IV needle in hand, puzzled. I thought to myself, what if we had fallen asleep, and the nurse didn’t notice the size or the hairiness of the arm. And what if I was administered the chemo drugs by accident and we woke up to realize this had happened. I would be lose my hair (the rest of it anyway), I would be nauseous and would probably not handle it well.

This is Tara’s reality week after week. She is doing it. She is not complaining. She is struggling to maintain hope, but she is still confident that God has her right where he wants her. He has sustained us again today.


11 thoughts on “Encouragement

  1. We’re glad to hear of today’s encouraging news. Praise God. We continue to pray for you on this long journey. – Tom for all

  2. Way to go Tara! (Initial thought). You are exactly in God’s hands and that’s why you have enough for today in every way. You are both being pushed to the max each day, but in different ways. Delight our Lord with your trust every day and He will keep you in perfect peace. In keeping this close relationship to Him, you are a hindrance to no one and He will bring others to himself thru this life in you. Thanks so much for the encouraging update! From the nursing standpoint, I’m glad there were no medical mishaps today that’s for sure.

  3. Oh Tiger Lily, you are a true soldier battling an enemy that does not give up easily. I know so well what you are feeling. Wishing somedays to just have an hour with everything back to normal and then return to the battle ground. But it is not meant to be. We are so blessed with what we have been given in our lifetime that we bravely take the new normals and know that God will reward us for trusting in Him! That doesn’t mean we can’t throw a pity party once in awhile! I will be at the Mayo Clinic on May 9 at 1 p.m. and would be happy to spend 5 minutes with you smiling at the crocodile that we both have faced!

    I plan to spend time with Matt and Jill and their families this weekend in Tacoma Wa! I will greet them for you! God loves you and so do I! XOXOXO. J

  4. So excited to hear the positive news, Jay. I always say, chemo brings our body to the point of death, so that we have a chance of living. I know we could draw wonderful theological conclusions from this, but I found it helpful to remember this. Then, when my body was doing something ridiculous that had my imagination running wild (and me dead and buried), I could remind myself that I was being “poisoned” and I was being pushed to my body’s limits. I have continued to believe that the condition Tara’s body was in before all this began is the reason why she is able to handle such extremes. Her body has experienced the extremes of conditioning (I am in awe) and now her body is being pushed in the other direction. She is amazing! The prayers are continuing…..every day!

  5. I can imagine being that nurse! How momentarily puzzling that would have been! : ) What a lovely image you presented to us. Thanks for letting us “see” your tender care, and really, Tara’s care back to you. Because really, when two people have that nearness, both are gaining strength from it. God’s peace, Becca Murray

  6. What great news from the Dr. having signs of improvement Tara! For more words of God’s faithfulness check out Isaiah 40: 28-31. These verses have helped me often. Mostly when I was on total bed rest for 3 months during a pregnancy. PTL! Prayers continue from CL. Much love to all. Aunt Cathy & Uncle Mike

  7. I woke up grateful today. I found myself in bed next to the most beautiful woman I know and in a warm house full of (mostly) healthy children. I have a wide circle of friends and am gainfully employed in a challenging economy. All things that I have taken for granted for all too long. They take on a greater value today. A value that has increased with every blog post you write, Dear Brother. Love and prayers to you , Tara and the children.

  8. Made me chuckle because my veins were so bad that it took a lot to get into them and I jokingly offered my husbands, instead. (o:

  9. So thankful for good reports so far! Just always remember that even though we think we’ve been pushed beyond our limits, He NEVER gives us more than we can handle! Continue to rest in Him!

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