First Heart Attack

My mom’s dad was a business man. He repaired oil rigs down in Mississippi, east of Jackson. He answered the call of his customers all around that region, and all around the clock. He grew his business over a number of years and labored hard for it.

He and Grandmother planted their roots in a little town called Laurel, and raised my mom and her sister there. Grandaddy loved his family. He would do anything for them. Mom wanted to ski. So Grandaddy built her a lake. To build her a lake he needed land. So he bought a farm. Once he had a farm, he needed to fill it. So he bought a herd of cattle and some chickens.

It was his latest years that he spent the most time with his family. After his first heart attack he began to appreciate what he had. That was his gift. The heart attack taught him to appreciate what he had. From then on he was a new man. Grandaddy died at 67 years old. As Grandmother said, “He just woke up dead one morning.” I remember. Thanksgiving 1977.

Cancer is our gift. Consider this my first heart attack. Thank God I am getting it early in life.

Tara is still uncomfortable. The chemo is taking its toll on her body with side effects. Her gut has been a wreck for almost 2 weeks now. We pray that will end soon. Thank God though it is working on the cancer. And thank him for sustaining us and giving us peace.


5 thoughts on “First Heart Attack

  1. Yikes Jay! You scared me. When I saw your email with the subject line “First heart attack” I thought you or Tara had a heart attack. ;( I hope Tara enjoyed her weekend with friends in spite of her stomach. We keep praying for you all and love you dearly.

  2. I too had a similar experience with my dad who had open heart at age 60. By that time my mother had passed away and when he remarried 8 years later, we could see a different man in the way he responded to others. He knew what he was missing and time could end any time and wanted to make the best of the life the Lord gave him. We are praying for your family and of course Tara’s treatments to remove the cancer. Be strong… my devotion was on Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. James McDonald went on to explain the synonym of conviction is confidence. May your faith bring you through this.

  3. You have an amazing way with words. I look forward to your stories and updates every evening. Even if it is becoming redundant for you, these messages come at the right time of the day for me. After reading them I am ready to pray for you all again. All the best

  4. Our summer visits to Laurel skiing on Uncle Garland’s lake with my wonderful cousins Diane and Sandy are some of the best memories of my childhood…I followed your Mom everywhere:-))

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