Arbor Day

Good Morning! Today is one of my favorite days of the year. It is a tree-man’s holiday. Arbor Day. Where we celebrate the benefits of trees. Benefits like shade, which actually saves you a lot of money, adding up to millions of dollars in savings annually in a city like Rochester. Benefits like reduced storm water flow in our storm water sewers and rivers, also adding up to real dollar savings. Benefits like increased value of real estate. That one hits home. A house with mature trees sells for more than the same house without trees.

Ironically, Arbor Day started in Nebraska the 1870s. Nebraska of all places. Trees are most appreciated in Nebraska like water is most appreciated in the dessert. Like food is appreciated in third world countries. Like warm weather is appreciated in April.

We are most appreciative for health and life now that our family has faced cancer. I am most appreciative of my family now that it has been threatened. But I guess this phenomena is not always true. We are also now most appreciative of our friends who seem to be abundant now. We are most appreciative of our faith while it has become more real.

Appreciate your day. Happy Arbor Day!


4 thoughts on “Arbor Day

  1. And we pray for a beautiful day for the Diva Dash! There will be an abundance of friends with an abundance of loving support! No matter what there will be sonshine.

  2. Dear Friends:

    You do not know me or my husband personally because we are friends of your parents, Jay. The Maiers have become close to us because of our love of the Lord and the love of music. Dianne and Jim and my husband, Dick and I sing in two choirs together at Lenexa Baptist Church. But more than that, we share our faith and love of the Lord and His eternal Kingdom.

    Since your tragedy with Tara having cancer, you and your family have been the focus of much prayer and constant thoughts. Part of our daily routine includes talking about you and yours and how much we feel your pain. We do not know what it is like to suffer with constant pain and the knowledge that life if not as it should be in a health sense, but we do know pain – the pain of loosing a 16 year old daughter which is unspeakable suffering in another way. Therefore, your pain is our pain.

    We take your perspectives and read them daily knowing how difficult it must be to take the time to write when you are weary and downhearted. But know that your friends and friends of your extended family are praying for your continued strength in the face of THIS GIANT.

    We had been praying for your ability to cope with this onslaught, but our prayer focus has changed to another angle. Now that you are in the midst of this journey, you need abiding strength – the ability to go on day after day after exhausting day. Just to put one foot in front of another seems trivial, but that’s what it takes. Because if we make the first step in His precious name, He will take over and give us His refuge and His strength.

    Thank you for the example you are setting for your family and for so many others who love you and support you. God is good and loves His children. Aren’t we thankful for that!!

    You can count on our continued and daily prayers for Tara’s health and may the Lord be richly blessed as you are a blessing to countless friends everywhere. May His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

    Bless you!!

    Dick and Alice Ungerbuehler

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