Sometimes I forget that Tara is sick. That is good, I think. I get up early and go to work, think about her around 8 am and usually call then. Then again around 2 pm and that is about it until I come home. It is no different than before. I wonder if that is good or not. Ah, who really cares. It is what it is, so no point talking about it too much.

Tara is continuing to feel much better. We have an appointment with the Oncologist on Friday to go over the scan from last week and assess how the treatment plan is working based on the results of the blood tests. Then Friday afternoon chemo. We hope to have the CA125 levels closer to single digits this week. Starting at 4400 (I have no idea what units this is), it is pretty amazing that we would be targeting 5-10. If I am thinking in normal stuff, like potatoes or feet, then she went from a big truck full to a hand full, or nearly a mile to a couple of steps. I can really think best when the units are potatoes.

God hasn’t really been a part of our conversations of late, although He still permeates the essence of our lives. It is kind of like our parents. My dad is no less my dad 500 miles away, and conversing irregularly. It gives him joy when I call and take time for him. I know he loves me. I honor him by representing our family well. But when I don’t, he is not a condemning voice. Just a loving smile and an offer of help. He would love to step into my shoes and carry some of the weight, but it is mine to carry for now. I guess that is where God is different. It is his strength that carries us.

Tara is sleeping now. Beautiful.


5 thoughts on “Potatoes

  1. Praying for Friday! That’s the great thing about being in a community…..they can carry you in prayer …….. All along the way.

  2. There’s such amazing comfort in “normalcy.” Tara, I wonder if you ever forget. I mean, when the pain and changes are in your own body I don’t think you forget. I pulled a muscle (walking?!?) and it makes me feel slow and cumbersome. To me, one thing painful with even the baby toe and it’s hard not to dwell on it, limp and complain. Ayayay. So just a question for pondering- do YOU forget? I’m not expecting a “response.” You just keep on doing what you’re doing and putting all of your faith and trust in The Lord. Praise Him. Praying for you.

    • So I turned off the light and thought “oh wait- when you sleep you forget!” which is why it’s even more beautiful. And sleep means healing. But then – and I’ve felt this – you wake up and then have to remember and feel the reality of what is today Jay, the description of relationship with Jesus seems right on to me. Waiting for the next great thing with peace. You all know God is right there in your midst. It’s a comfort. Thanks again for all of the sharing. Was terrific to hear from each of the kids!! Oh, and the adventures….so you read “My side of the mountain” by Jean Craighead George as a youngster? You must’ve! If not then read it with the kids. Good book!

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