Brother Trips

I feel bad for Lewis at times since he doesn’t have a brother. He asks often for one. Tara can maybe connect a bit more with that reality since she grew up without a sister. But I take comfort in the fact that she has a friend that is like a sister. Maybe Lewis will have the same kind of friend one day.

I just happen to know what he is missing. Some of my best memories have been with my brother. My brother is 2 years younger. Growing up that made for perfect aggravation, but it also gave me someone to experiment with, and test the laws of the physical world, mostly gravity. As adults though the real fun began. We have traveled the U.S doing brother trips, creating a secret agent life of sorts, living in the world of others.

In LA and in Denver we have done all night ride alongs with their Police Departments. After signing a “death waiver” and putting on bullet proof vests, we have been in the middle of the action with high speed rides responding to gun shots, breaking up fights, and, trust me when I say much more. In New York, Chicago, LA, Atlanta and Denver, we have been free lance writers and food connoisseurs, being offered the finest fare free of charge in exchange for a mention in our writings. Working with our wives, we have found a way to get the other a plane ticket while keeping the destination a secret, boarding the plane still without knowing, and even getting off the plane having no clue where you are. That is always the goal, but only in Denver did I make it all the way without knowing. And of course you must be able to travel without a bag, just what you have in your pockets.

These kind of adventures, the extended adventures of my youth, have been the types of things Tara has had to put up with for years. She is not the kind to hold me back, rather to laugh with me in planning the trip. To roll her eyes at the most ridiculous ideas. And to support me leaving home for a few days, carrying the burden of work at home.

This weekend is Mother’s Day. Does this woman deserve the best day ever, or what? This year so far has been a year from hell to most looking in. But she has found ways to be thankful and gracious for life. She has considered it a blessing to be able to appreciate things at a deeper level. Don’t get me wrong, she would gladly give up this trial in a heartbeat. So I need to be equally creative this weekend when figuring out what to do for my wife, the best mother ever.


3 thoughts on “Brother Trips

  1. God Bless you All! Tara. i wish a very special and relaxing Mothers Day that any one could ever have. May God provide you with strength and endurance for a wonderful day with your family. Peace be with you. Phil & Deb

  2. Jennifer Rothschild has a book called: Lessons I Learned in the Dark. Today I was reading and felt that the message was all too familiar… I thought of you all. She shares an analogy of following the leader. She is blind and is riding a tandem bike with her husband. She desires greatly to tell him what to do from the “back seat”. She is frustrated and impatient as he doesn’t listen to her, turn right, watch out for that… even though he can see and she can’t. The next day she takes on a different attitude and enjoys the bike ride much more because she allows him to guide and smells the flower, hears the kids playing, feels the breeze.. etc.

    She then says that its difficult to follow the leader – when you aren’t in charge and you’re battling feelings of wanting to be in control. It’s even more challenging when the journey is particularly thorny.

    Now – her analogy to Paul’s thorn in the flesh. We don’t know his affliction but can speculate. We have 3 ways to deal with our thorns: “matchless martyr” – believing she is gaining an elite status in the kingdom by suffering – thus boasting. “perfect Pollyana” – disguising the scars from the thorn, hiding behind a smile and regardless of pain, hiding behind a façade of religious rhetoric. “determined denier” – disowning the thorn in hopes that it will go away.

    Paul shows us a better way of dealing with our thorns. He doesn’t deny it, he didn’t pretend he liked it, he lifted it to God in prayer and was content with however God chose to answer his prayer. God answered him with the best answer possible, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness”.

    YOU and your family have followed Paul’s example that God teaches us in his word. Thank you! God is good. He is worthy of our praise… but thorns hurt and its also ok to cry. Through your blogging you have opened the doors of your trial for all of us to learn – you are teaching in so many ways and it is fantastically beautiful to learn from you. God will continue to sustain you. He is the guide and you are the followers. Thank you for making us all more aware of all of the things we can miss in the midst of a trial.

    In Love and admiration of you all!

    Kady / credentials

  3. Give her hugs and spend uninterrupted time with your family – that’s priceless in the eye of a mom! Praying for the kids today. We love them dearly!

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