Just a quick update tonight. I am sitting here in the hospital room with Tara. She is sleeping. I will be too in a few minutes. They have started the antibiotics and are anticipating her release tomorrow (hopefully). She is feeling much better but desperately wants to get home. The hospital is not the most exciting place to be.

Today was Lewis’ birthday. While Tara and I didn’t have big plans, his sisters got him presents (mom and dad will do that later….poor little fella). They loved on him and made him feel like a prince. He will hang out with some friends this weekend to celebrate again. Earlier, he got to spend the afternoon with me while I was working. He wanted so bad to help and even gave one customer advice on her trees while I was talking with her.

So just another day in the life of the Maiers. The one hundred and eleventh day of viewing things from the tree tops.


4 thoughts on “111

  1. That is great that Lewis got to spend the day with you at work! He will treasure those time forever and have a great impression of how to treat people by watching you. Happy Birthday to Lewis and best wishes to the entire family.


  2. What a great gift … to spend time with Dad at work! Ricardo loves to go with Othelmo to work, too. Although he spends most of his time playing on the iPad. Nice that Lewis could even advise your customers. Maybe I should have him over for a play date with Ricardo and get some advice on our maple on the side. 😉

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