Amigo Honor

We were amigos. Three of us. Dubbed Lucky, Dusty and Ned, after 3 men in the greatest movie of our era. I was Lucky. And ‘amigo honor’ was our sacred vow never to be broken; punishable with a ruthless punch wherever it may strike. It kept our friendship honest.

Only once do I remember amigo honor used when it shouldn’t have been. And it led to trouble. The lyrics of “All My Ex’s Live in Texas” were being discussed and a disagreement arose. Amigo honor was used to stake the claim…..of both of us. And only one of us could be right.

There was no Google back then, so it took some time. But sitting around a campfire playing cards one night, the truck radio started playing the song. Cards in hand, no one acknowledged the song playing in the background. We were eerily silent, as if studying our cards, still playing our hands. The moment was tense and we all knew it. When the lyric that was in question played, I struck Ned with a swift and righteous blow, as was customary for breaking the honor. But Ned, being Ned, swung back and then fists were flying. Enjoying the brawl and laughing, Dusty eventually broke us up. Blood was shed that night, and a friendship deepened. We finished the card game.

It was our attempt at accountability. Friends calling the others’ BS and not tolerating it. That is part of true friendship. Call it “iron sharpening iron”. For the last 20 years Tara has been my primary BS filter. She’ll not take it, and I won’t take hers. Sometimes it is painful even though MOST of the time it is dealt in love. It keeps us living in the world of reality. If I start talking about my perspective on an issue and I am wrong, she’ll not strike a blow like I did to Ned that night, but she won’t tolerate it. She’ll swoop in and call my BS. Like a true friend. Iron sharpening iron.

Lately I haven’t been sharpened as much. I’m getting away with BS that she is not able to correct. I look forward to getting her back in full force. It is in the horizon, not too far away. This day has put us closer to that point.


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