Good End to a Hard Week

It was just Monday that we were told not to leave town due to Tara’s infection. It was a big bummer to all of us, but the kids handled the disappointment well. After I told them I tried to play a silly game where each of them had to find a reason they were glad they were not going. It was met with silence. Until Andrean said with a waning frown, “Well at least I won’t miss my field trip to the bowling alley.” Then Lewis said, “Now I can have a birthday party with my friends.” And the tone in the room began to change. Each of them said something they were happy about and the night continued as if nothing happened.

Of course we were concerned that there was more inside that they weren’t expressing, but that is okay, I guess. The next day, a dear friend and her college-aged daughter offered to take the kids to the Mall of America, Nickelodeon Universe, or whatever it is called. We gladly accepted knowing that we could not do that for them. That was today. And the kids loved it. They got to miss school, eat too many sweets, ride rides, and spend time together. It was awesome, so I hear.

Tara had a procedure today at the Clinic to see how the drain tube is working and how much fluid is still inside, I think. I felt like were getting a decent handle on understanding the cancer stuff. But this fluid, infection, bacteria stuff is really foreign to us. We don’t even know the right questions to ask. Tara feels like she is along for the ride. I think the test went good and that things are going the right direction. There is even talk about removing the tube on Tuesday.

I am glad this week is over. It was one of the hardest ones yet as I look back. It was hard to find God in the midst of it. But now we are here. Tara is improving. We have a long weekend to recoup and it feels quite different. We need continued prayers for Tara’s healing, comfort and strength. We need to keep our focus narrow as we move forward. One day at a time. But we need to keep our perspective broad as we look back, seeing the big picture; how Tara is improving from 2 months ago; how God has provided for us; how we are making it.

The weekend begins. Thank God.


5 thoughts on “Good End to a Hard Week

  1. Glad the kids got to have a fun time at the mall and there is a long weekend for recouperation. Praying for Tara to continue the healing process and gain more strength. Praying for you Jay to gather more opportunities to recharge your “battery”. Thank you for your updates. God bles.

  2. We continue to pray for you all. This is a hard journey. May He provide you with strength, comfort and healing.


  3. Your kids are awesome. I loved every minute I got to spend around them. Keep strong. You and Tara and kids continually have my prayers.

  4. I find myself looking forward and getting frustrated because I can’t see beyond the horizon. Lately, I’ve been consciously forcing myself to look back and remember where I have been and the times when God stepped in, provided, rescued and comforted. He has left quite a trail behind. The signs of His presence are unmistakable. Now, if I can only apply that knowledge and certainty to the path ahead …

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