The Impossible

The movie The Impossible is a love story of sorts. We watched it tonight as a family. The story is about a family that was separated during the tsunami in Thailand in 2004. The father and the 2 younger sons were together and the mother and the oldest son was together. Neither knew the others were okay. In fact both assumed death. The mother was seriously injured and made it to a local hospital with the oldest son. The father was still at the site where they last saw each other and looked under the rubble and everywhere for the other son and the mom. The rest of the story you should see for yourself. It was very moving.

Tara and I hold hands in movies like this and there is typically a squeeze or gentle rub when something in the movie impacts us. A mother nearly drowning trying to save her son. A father crying over his lost wife. A son tending to a dying mother. Reunited families crying for joy. Mourning parents of dead children. Mourning children of dead parents. It is very easy to put ourselves in that situation and feel what they are feeling. There were many hand squeezes and rubs. It reminded us how blessed we are to only be going through this instead of that. It reminds us how much we love the other and depend on each other in life.

I should be tired right now, but instead I am wide awake next to her. We have 2 more full days of the weekend since Monday is a holiday. Tara is on the mend, feeling better and gaining energy again. This week should include removal of the drain tube and returning to the road of chemo. That now seems like the norm that we want to get back to. Weird. Pray for healing for Tara and strength for the entire family.


2 thoughts on “The Impossible

  1. Praying Jay, PRAYING! Everyday……let me tell you, this is a record for me! I always start out really committed but as things go on…..well, I get distracted. Not this time. NOT THIS TIME!

  2. Jay and Tara,
    Those quiet moments at home, watching a movie, and doing something local with the kids seem to always be the most treasured. We still do those together even though our children are married and on their own. Enjoy the holiday and being away from the routine Monday. We think of you daily and pray for healing for Tara and strength for your family.

    Gene and Jane Frank

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