127 Days of Paddling

We put in early. The water like glass. Gear for 4, well packed. Our paddles made the first ripples on the lake that day. With a big day ahead of us, we didn’t waste time. Steady strokes from fresh arms, 8 in total, all eager to make progress. We sat in one 23′ behemoth of a canoe, one that I would carry at each portage over the next 4 days.

After about 400 yards of paddling I decided to check the map and compass to make sure we were starting out on track. Somehow I totally missed. What I thought was north was almost due west. From the first stroke of a paddle, I was taking us the wrong way. Tara and the 2 kids were gracious toward my mistake. I was careful to keep the map and compass close at hand from then on and we made it to our desired spot without any other mis-steps.

The days keep ticking by. One after the next. Weeks. Months. And before long we’ll be talking about a year. We just keep paddling. We have been paddling so long that I’ve forgotten where we are supposed to be going. Where the heck are we going? I can’t really find a destination on the map to shoot for any more.

Tara told me many times on the trip to just relax and enjoy the scenery. But I wanted to get there. It didn’t matter where. Just there. To accomplish the paddling goal of achieving the destination.

She tells me the same thing now. Relax. Enjoy the scenery. It was so much easier at first when the shock of cancer slowed our world down for us. We couldn’t do much except enjoy the things around us. So we must fall back on the things that sustained us then, knowing they will now. God is good. He is faithful. He loves us. He sees where we cannot. He will not let things happen to us that we cannot handle. He will give us strength. He will give us wisdom. He loves our children more than we do. He values our years on earth but eternal is His perspective. He will comfort us. He will show us our destination when the time is right. And he will navigate us to get there.

God, you are what we need. Sustain us with your goodness and your mercy.


3 thoughts on “127 Days of Paddling

  1. What a blessing to have people in life who remind us to breath and take in this moment just as it is. I lately have been taking in your blogs without comments but I would like to give back to you because you have been faithful in giving to all of us! My co leader mentor friend said that before Adam and Eve left the garden The Lord gave them garments of skin. I never thought of this garment as our actual flesh, but assuming it is this flesh that decays, well, it reminded me of the gift of our desire for heaven. I say this because daily I struggle to keep proper perspective UNTIL I spend time with The Lord. Many things clamor for my attention, but the peace that comes from keeping the compass due north is unsurpassed. This is because it’s out of our skin! All the other things that make life this never ending to do list CAN be put into their proper place by keeping the eternal perspective. This heavenly perspective is my prayer as you take each day and run this marathon together. Don’t look at the pavement- it’s harder that way and definitely not so rich! Tara, I loved the bald head stories- way to go and be a light!! Those who look to Him are radiant! As I ponder the “giant” blog I suddenly pictured you with the smooth stones and sling shot like David, only with the armor of The Lord. The belt of truth around your waist, breastplate of righteousness, feet fitted with readiness that comes from the gospel of peace, helmet of salvation….sword of the spirit, shield of faith and not necessarily in that order. Ultimately we know that our struggle is not against flesh and blood. You wear that armor like a giant, girlfriend! It is a great look for you-

  2. Hope you found the book on your desk. Andy would read it aloud to the family and it amused us all. Let me know if you already have it. You are a great human interest writer yourself. Who knows. Maybe writing will be your family’s next great adventure!!! Praying with you all. Peggy

  3. WISDOM, WISDOM is so wisely shared today! What you shared was godly mature heartfelt truths of scripture expressed from your relationship with God. In Prov. 3: 21-26, reminds me that nothing compares to WISDOM as we journey through life.
    We remain on knees for each of you. With all our love, Uncle Gary and Aunt Barb

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