Summer Plans

I remember back to the days when I was in school. Without a doubt the best day of the year was the day before summer break. I barely remember it; signing yearbooks, talking to friends about summer plans and eating sweets, I think. Tomorrow is that day for my kids. They are so excited.

We don’t have plans for big trips this year but there is a lot of fun planned for the family. Things like a membership at the pool, summer camp for the youngest, archery lessons for Lewis, play dates with friends, camping on a few Friday nights, and more. Tara should be done with chemo sometime in early July and will hopefully begin to feel better soon after. This has the makings for a good summer. And it all starts at the end of the school day tomorrow.

In the meantime Tara will continue with chemo and recovery. Her body is tired but her attitude is positive. She is the one keeping me going these days when I come home at times feeling down. That just seems wrong that it would be that way, but I thank God right now she is up for it.

We have been overwhelmed by the help we continue to get. We feel loved by a number of things, including the encouraging texts and emails of friends just reaching out to see how we are doing. Life if pretty good. God has been faithful again to take care of us.


3 thoughts on “Summer Plans

  1. I have also always looked forward to summer. I think the newness of it has a draw for me. Many activities outdoors and less boredom. Even when camping happens in your backyard, it can be very exciting. I will pray that you have a smooth summer with time to enjoy all the energy that is bubbling in in your home. Take Care!

  2. Boy do I remember those days when Mike and I switched to “summer mode” and he became ” Mr. Mom”! Everyone to me anyway seemed to be on vacation but I was NOT! Mike probably would not see it this way !! Time has flown by soooo fast. Sounds like excitement is present at the Maier home anticipating summer! Thank you for your diligence in keeping us updated on our Tara. Remember to live well,laugh often, and LOVE much! Many thoughts and prayers continue daily from CL,Iowa! All our love Aunt Cathy & Uncle Mike.

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