One Day Out of Three Weeks

It was a little over 3 weeks ago when Tara had the infected fluid pocket. Over the past 3 weeks she has felt pretty good overall but the fluid in her belly has been growing. Last night it became acutely worse and she could not sleep. It was very uncomfortable with cramping and a swollen left leg. We had to go in to the hospital.

At 10 am we had an ultrasound to make sure there were no blood clots in the leg. All was well there. At 11:30 the draining. Three and a half liters, over seven pounds of fluid was drained. It only took 10 minutes to drain it. I watched her belly shrink. But instead of causing relief, there was additional cramping and eventually vomiting.

Now she rests. She wakes periodically to try to get get fluids in her so she doesn’t get more dehydrated. Once she gets past this night, hopefully she will feel much better and we can start living again.

One day out of the last 3 weeks. That is all it took to drag us down and make us feel like things are not going well. How can that happen so easily? Hope takes so long to build and discouragement comes so quickly. We know God will sustain us. But we also need hope. He can give us that too.


3 thoughts on “One Day Out of Three Weeks

  1. What was the problem with the leg? Was it pressure on circulation because of the fluid? We are still praying. God loves you.

  2. I admit when I read yesterday’s blog it made me laugh as I thought, “Yes, not many have actually shot their husbands but probably many would if given the chance – for fun of course (or not)!” That is such a great story. Reading today’s entry I feel the discouragement with you both and pray with you that there will be lighter days ahead of this one. I can’t imagine not feeling physically well to the extent you reach some days yet I know others do understand and have been there. My sincere prayer for mercy tonight is that as God works all things together for good we would all leave the refiners fire changed into the image of Jesus for whatever lies ahead of us. Tonight the verse “they’ll know we are Christians by our love” is in my head as we all press on through these paths we are put on. We never lose hope as long as our hope is in the things everlasting. Discouragement comes in so many forms but thankfully encouragement is made simple in love- the love that our creator has shown us by Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice for us. I pray for strength for you both.

  3. You know, Jay, it was just these times that Proverbs 3:5-6 clicked in for me. When my brain was thinking “all kinds of things” and my “hope” was being smashed on the rocks by overwhelming waves. Those were the times when it became my mantra. Just focus on Him and stop allowing my brain to think of all the possibilities. Yeah, yeah……it wasn’t easy and I didn’t win every time…..but I did win a LOT of times. The meaning of the word “clinging” really came alive throughout this time……
    I think it’s also during these times that we, who read your journey, feel more powerless than ever! There’s only one thing we can do ( to really make THE difference) and that’s where God wants us……praying! And we are!

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