A Square Foot of Days

What a difference a day makes. Tara woke up this morning feeling much better. Where yesterday she had no desire to get out of bed, today she had no desire to be in bed. That is a huge relief to me.

Today is day 144. That could seem like a lot of days. It is the number of square inches in a square foot. And when put like that, it seems like such a small number. It is the height of a 14 story building, which makes it seem like a lot. It is the number of seconds in less than two and a half minutes. That seems like a little again. Give me some perspective here. I am having some trouble grasping it.

How about the perspective of eternity? Then 80 years is a blip. We make such a big deal about suffering over a few years. While God does care about how we view it, He would love for us to be able to view it from His perspective; to see eternity and have perspective on our years on earth. Pain…it is brief. Pleasure…brief. Joy….eternal.

The ups and downs should be more expected than they are to me. I try to level out my feelings about it, but it always catches me off guard. Maybe I’ll learn soon. I have to keep putting it in perspective.


6 thoughts on “A Square Foot of Days

  1. Hi Jay and Tara –

    Your thoughts tonight reminded me of a sermon a few months ago at church about finding courage in our times of weakness. One of the things that stood out to me was the point that God’s perspective is higher than our own, so we can find strength in the knowledge that he knows the plan even when we don’t. During the sermon I quickly jotted down the following lyrics, so I thought I’d share then with you!

    Your perspective is higher
    Your purpose is greater
    You see all the pieces and you know where they lay
    Still you’re right here beside me
    You carry my burdens
    You give me strength to fight another day

  2. Perspective is, indeed, a good thing. However, if perspective causes us to stop feeling life as we are in it, is that a good thing? John Piper says we should believe our cancer is a gift, and not a curse (from “Don’t Waste Your Cancer”), and while I see his point, I like another man’s comment at least as much: ” Recognizing his designing hand does not make you stoic or dishonest or artificially buoyant. Instead, the reality of God’s design elicits and channels your honest outcry to your one true Savior. God’s design invites honest speech, rather than silencing us into resignation.”
    While it can be good–and even helpful much of the time–to try to put/keep things in perspective, actually living: feeling, hurting, rejoicing, loving….keeps you resting in the saving arms of Jesus. How do things look from there?

    Incidentally, my 6th grade teacher had a lame label for a bad day: A “288”, or 2 (“too) Gross”. So I always think of 144 as a “gross”. You have seen to it that this definition definitely doesn’t apply in your case. God be praised!

  3. In the movie Ratatouille it was that critic that talked about perspective. Ok, so I don’t remember exactly what he was saying, but each of us has a different, unique view from where we are standing (or lying or sitting!). What I’ve learned by your faithful blogging is that each day offers a different perspective, but one thing is certain- that nothing stays the same on earth. Some days that’s a comfort and other days we wish it would stay the same for awhile. I loved that analogy a friend had in their comment about those waves overtaking and crashing down around her because I can just imagine the hand of God reaching out in His mighty rescue. What you said in today’s entry is why look to everlasting peace or joy in anything that will not nurture the soul and be a reminder of God’s eternal promises. Those are the only unchanging gifts. The steadfast love of The Lord never ceases. His mercies never come to an end. They are NEW every morning.

  4. Tara, so pleased to hear yesterday had more vigor to it. I am so grateful to Jay for the posts…to be connected to how each day is progressing for you. Praying today is meaningful and peaceful for your family.

    Love, Kristie

  5. Whoohoo! We are very happy to hear the day was good! Jay I think you missed your calling. You ought to become a writer! I am always excited to read you next creative writing. Thanks for reminding me about God’s perspective. I needed to be reminded today.

    Sharon Love

  6. So happy to hear it was a much better day! We continue to think and pray for you all often. We pray the good days increase hugely and the not so good decrease until they no longer exist. May God continue to make Himself known as you continue this journey.

    As you have probably heard, We are trying to get ourselves prepared for our return to our roots. It comes with many different emotions but do look forward to this next phase of our lives. We look so forward to being able to see you in person and see your beautiful family. Love to you all, Aunt Barb and Uncle Gary

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