Modus Operandi

Since the fluid was drained last week, Tara has felt like a champ. Today she was dragging a bit, probably because she has been going strong all week. I am so thankful that her attitude stays up. I cannot imagine trying to stay strong if she was bitter about all of this. It is truly a blessing and relief to me.

When I think about it, she has always been that way. When I call to say I am working late, her response is, “Get done what you need. But know we would love to have you home.” When I mess up on something big, her response is typically full of grace. Now don’t get me wrong, she can get frazzled, usually at the little things, but her modus operandi is to handle the big things very well.

I learn from her every day. If you heard our conversation today, you would think I was the sick one and she was the care taker. I whined about some things I am dealing with, and she calmly spoke Godly wisdom to me.

Tomorrow is chemo. She missed last week due to some low levels of something that needed to be higher. How is that for a thorough explanation? We also haven’t heard her CA125 for close to 6 weeks now. We have intentionally not looked on line, so we would focus on things that we can control. So tomorrow will be the day that tells us how much longer will she be getting chemo. We pray it is over soon. But no matter what, we are confident God will sustain us.


3 thoughts on “Modus Operandi

  1. Jay and Tara,
    I want you to know that I pray for you both and your family everyday. Tara, I have so many childhood memories with you that I can’t help but miss you more and more. I am wishing now that all of us cousins would have stayed more in contact with each other. It was as if Grandpa’s house was the glue to held us all together. How I miss those days. Know that I think of you often and love you very much!


  2. Jay and Tara, you’re an encouragement and inspiration to all who know you….thank you! We’re praying, as always. Hugs, Susan and Fr. Ken Richards

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