We had plans for redoing our kitchen. We had plans to camp more this year, including family camp in August. We planned some landscaping around the house; little projects that we could have done periodically throughout the summer. The kids were going to do sports. That was just through this summer. Then we had plans for fall football (actually that is just me) and Haiti again this winter. We had planned a 20 year anniversary trip over New Years.

Then there are the big items that we naturally plan in our heads, like growing old together, watching our children grow up, watching them find a career and possibly a mate. I still dream of saying “Her mother and I do.” to the question “Who gives this woman to be married?”

These are our plans, and we are fine with planning knowing we are not guaranteed that stuff. Much of this stuff we will still be able to accomplish. But this summer we are engaging in a planning process that may rock our world and I am excited about it. We will be planning for our roles in our kids’ big events. Events like high school and college graduation, finding a soul mate, their first child, etc. We are making videos from both of us individually, as if we will not be there. It will force us to identify our feelings and communicate them to our children in a way that will be meaningful to them if we are not around.

Think about the conversations that Tara and I will have making those videos. There will be buckets of tears and tons of intimate moments just appreciating everything we have together. I would recommend that for every couple actually. What a great exercise in determining what you would most want to say; what legacy you will leave behind. My guess is that it will change the way we live.

God directs our path, regardless of the plans we make. I am good with that. I just wish he would tell me where my path was taking me so I could plan it out a bit better for him.


7 thoughts on “Plans

  1. I love your honesty! The first part made me cry, and the last sentence made me laugh! Although He’s brought us all through so many things, we often fall back into the habit of trying to tell Him what needs to be done. I am so thankful that He is incredibly patient with us no matter how many times we keep trying to take back the reins. He is our loving Abba Father!!

  2. What a beautiful post. When I recently watched the movie Safe Haven, I thought about doing this myself as the mom did in the movie. Psalm 39:4-5 really hit me yesterday as the Psalmist reflects on how short our time on earth really is. We love you all and will continue to pray for you to “do today”.

  3. I had such a hard time going to sleep last night. You both were so heavy on my heart. Thank you for being faithful to include us in your journey. We are learning so much from you… So much about life, marriage, family, purpose… And God – who is in charge of it all. We love you so much.

  4. Job 23:10 But He knows the way (path) that I take: when he has tested me, I will come forth as gold.

    Isn’t it great that we can trust God’s promises and rest in knowing He leads us? Your blogs are great!

  5. Isn’t that the irony of a path: The path is what it is; it takes the path-taker as it will. It weaves, climbs, and descends, always moving ahead but rarely revealing more than what can be seen just ahead. As you’ve often revealed in your stories, if you had known what was coming, you probably wouldn’t have kept going. Yet the path that God has laid out for each and every one of us will continue, despite our best plans.

    You have demonstrated time and again your desire to serve God in everything. That is the very best of plans. I don’t think He asks for more.

    May your summer plans become the beautiful reality you are looking toward. You guys never cease to amaze me in your purposefulness. It’s a beautiful thing.

  6. Romans 8:22-25
    We know that the whole creation has been groaning in travail together until now; and not only the creation, but we ourselves, who have the first fruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly as we wait for adoptions as son’s, the redemption of our bodies. For in this hope we were saved. Now hope that is seen is not hope. For who hopes for what he sees? But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience.

    This was on my daily bible verse today, under the scripture was the statement “Why do we cry when it all falls apart “here” – when we know it won’t all come together until we get “over there”? Many times I believe we want to make plans for things that we think are what what we should do and the way our lives should be. However, even when those plans were prayed about before making them, God has the ultimate plans, sometimes I think he just trumps our plans and says No, changes or reveals to us lessons we need to learn in order for us to be prepared for the future glory which will be given to us on the “other side” I guess that is why they say patience is a virtue! Knowing this still does not make patience come any easier though, but it sure does give us hope! That is why we need to thank and praise God each and every day for what he has given us, living one day at time, because tomorrow we may not everything we had yesterday.

    As always, you all are in my thoughts and prayers with every breath I take!

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