Really Close

Just the chance that tomorrow could be her last chemo is an encouraging thought to sleep on tonight. We have come so far in just over 5 months. I read back through the old posts, recalling what we felt in February, March, April, May and June. There has been a slow progression of healing, if you look simply at averages.

Tonight as we were leaving the fireworks show in Stewartville, I watched as Tara scurried across the road. You could almost call it a jog. That is HUGE. I see how she interacts with everyone throughout the day. She is vibrant. She is loving life and doing most things she was before.

Now we look toward the next phase of this process. There is a scan next week with a determination of whether or not she will need the three more weeks (1 round) of chemo. They think likely so but maybe not. Either way we are really close.

So we continue this journey with hope and encouragement.


2 thoughts on “Really Close

  1. As I read your post tonight, Jay, I began to think (again) of my own journey. I remember the joy of coming off the “big guns” and then finding that “they hadn’t got everything”…… So they put me on a low dose chemo. I was on this for 12 months and I loved it. It was like my insurance plan (my protection). I even begged them to let me stay on it. But no…..not only was it not to be, but they still had not got everything. Radiotherapy was the next “big gun”. I tell you this because 28 years later, I’m here to tell the story! Praying for good news tomorrow but mostly praying for the “big picture”……

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